Who Is Anti-Iran?

The new phrase that has been bandied about by IRI supporters on this site is “anti-Iran”.  Just so that we make it clear for them, let’s tell them who qualifies to be called an “anti-Iran”.  An anti-Iran individual is someone who supports a regime that has done, and is doing, the following to Iran and Iranian people:

-A regime that invited a devastating war upon its citizens by slaughtering the cadre of skilled military officers;

-A regime that prolonged a devastating war so that it could gain political advantage of it, during which time Iran’s cities suffered much destruction and its citizens suffered thousands of casualties;

-A regime which used child soldiers—Iranian children- in war, a war crime;

-A regime that executed tens of thousands of its citizens for their opposition to its brutal rule;

-A regime that has jailed hundreds of thousands of its citizens for their opposition to its brutal rule;

-A regime that has devastated the Iranian military, and is forced to fool its gullible supporters into thinking it’s building fighter aircraft by re-painting 40 year old F-5’s and giving them a new name;

-A regime that stands against the whole notion of being Iranian, and appointed as head of its “cultural heritage” organization a person (Salimi) who denies the existence of the Persian Achaemenid dynasty.

-A regime that has plundered Iran’s wealth and is sending billions of dollars of Iran’s wealth annually to foreign terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah;

-A regime that has given away billions of Iran’s dollars to Russian politicians and the Russian mob without getting anything back in return;

-A regime that puts the interests of Palestinians and South Lebanese over the interest of Iran and Iranians.

-A regime that has denied equal rights to Iranian women, has forced hejab on them, has reduced their legal standing to half a man, is automatically denying them custody of their children in divorce proceedings, and is denying them equal inheritance rights;

-A regime that murders its own citizens on the streets and blames it on the BBC;

-A regime that rapes its own citizens in prisons;

-A regime that has caused the largest brain drain in the history of Iran;

-A regime that driven Iran’s economy into the ground;

-A regime that has reduced the status and stature of Iranians around the world;

-A regime that is itching to start a war with the U.S.—at the expense of the Iran and its people– to prolong its miserable existence.

So, next time you hear one of these IRI lackeys utter the phrase “anti-Iranian”, remind them that they are the ones who best fit the description.

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