The religious cheaters and non religious cheaters

The religious cheaters and non religious cheater in any form want to have their own benefits and destroy other people benefits.  Are the religions of the world having fault for so many unjust? Is the problem caused by religions or by neither having nor religions?

What ever is clear that the cheater and criminals measure the situation and find the best way for their cheating activities? If the people are religious people, they show themselves as a very religious person and completely believer in God and His prophets.

 So they enter from the door of religion. And if non religious school and philosophy have more admirer and more people are keen of secular, philosophy or materialist and humanitarians; they are in their side. For them is not important where, for them it is important how they can make more money and cheat better the people. All religions are full of these type of cheaters.

Who are in the suit of clergies rob people money and even use their children and young people for sex purpose.  The Christians were put before the hungry lions With other words, they do not believe in any religions or any school of humanities or even they do not care about knowledge and science, what they want is power, money and nice life.  Poor thinking or superstitious is connected with some religions and the simple people believe in those and the cheaters know their points and their goals. Our science cannot prove the matter in the religion’s books.

For example the miracles that Jesus did, like walking on the water or sea, or giving life to dead people, or giving food to thousand people by sharing five breads and two fish. With our today knowledge it is not possible or far from possible. But his words for moral and love is still new and can save a lot of people.

Love each other as I loved you, or love your enemies. If the people just listen to these sentences, the world will be a perfect world. But the people do not and in opposite they try to misuse the people who are loving people and destroy them. If you help the people; they say you are stupid or not normal and try to destroy you. But if you are cruel or at least indifferent you are in a safe position.  Or if somebody asks you to come with him one mile, go with him two.

 Or if somebody hits on your left chick, offer your right chick also. In this way; he/ she will shy and will be nice with you. But in reality it does not work, if you let the people hit you, they will never stop.  He wanted to destroy the root of evil, by being loving and nice persons.  And he wanted to remove the greed and selfishness from the people. 

 But so called clever people can misuse the religions to make a lot of money. Even the academic people will be their customers. Many of these people do not believe in God or his prophets. They do not believe in Bible or Quran, but they show so that they believe. They misuse the love and believe of people to make billions of dollars. They do not even believe in humanity and other school of science and philosophy.

 They want just have easy and a lot of money. What ever, they want is to cheat people; to get their wealth by fear or love of God. So they can be super rich and can have a lot of possibilities, the beautiful women and clever men are attracted to them as they can pay good money.  And they build their empire of money and robe the poor and middle class people. The examples of those people are so many dictators, Caliphs, kings or leader in the world. For example Yazid told the people that he is Moslem, but he drinks wine, had a lot of sex illegal activities, robbed people and killed people who had no fault and were innocents.

  He even killed the Hossein the grand son of the Prophet Mohammad. How can you believe in prophet and kill his grand son? Can you imagine that he had the high position, because of Mohammad and he said that he is a Moslem that means; he was saying he is the flower of Mohammad, but he was also killing His family, his grand children and his little children of his grand children. How can it be possible? The all families of Mohammad have been killed or poisoned by the Islamic government, that he was the founder of it. It is clear that they did not believe in Islam and in its philosophy, they just misused it as a device to make money and have a nice life, full of sex and fun.   Or some body who says even if the Mohammad self comes from heaven and tell me that the Bab is a right prophet and is from my side, I will not believe Mohammad and I stay Moslem and not Babi.

 That means he/ she even does not accept the words or the Islamic prophet the Mohammad. How can you believe in a prophet and do not accept his words? With other words no logic and no discussion will solve these problems. They are blocked and stuck in one thinking and they are not willing even to listen to other logic and explanations.  I am right and I do not need to listen to other people, because I know that I am right. So some so called clever people get a lot of wealth by religions and other people lose what ever they have for religions.

Some people get beloved persons, and other people from the same religion in different place or time got killed hated and destroyed. The Christian were put alive in front of hungry lions. Or they put them on the cross in different countries. The pop and cardinals are living in a great respect and in palaces filled with gold and wealth. And Jesus was sleeping on the streets or in deserts. And you know that the clergies misused the believer not only materialistic but also with sexual abuse.

They live in a good life, but the believer should pay their costs. Also the Moslem was killed in Yugoslavia and their Moslem brothers live in palaces made by gold or ivory. The poor Moslem in Ghaze or Palestine or Iran live in dirt and poverty and the Sheikhs live in paradise of gold and beautiful women, good food and may be wine and dances. Both are Moslem, one should suffer and the other one live in sea of gold and nice women and drive car which is made by silver and gold. And they have billions of dollars in foreign banks and their people are hungry and in bad shape.   It is clear that those people who have a lot of benefits from the religions, have may be no believe in the religions also. Like Yazid and multi billionaires Sheikh have no knowledge and no believe in the God or religion, they just show the people they are believers, but in private section, they drink wine, make sex and robe people wealth. They misuse religions as a device to have a super wealthy life. All the world religions or not the world religions are full of these types of cheaters.

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