Dershowitz: Jews initiate legal terror against Israel

Prominent Jewish American lawyer Alan
Dershowitz on Tuesday accused Jewish left-wing officials and
organizations worldwide of slandering
name and causing greater damage than that created by Islamic and
pro-Palestinian movements.


Dershowitz, who is known to be an avid supporter of the State
Israel, spoke during a Tel Aviv University symposium titled
“Delegitimization of Israel as a Strategic Threat”.


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Addressing Israel’s
organization, he explained that the roundabout ways the Jewish state
had to pass before being allowed to join were another layer in the
incitement campaign.


According to Dershowitz, the countries which were against
accepting the Jewish state – like Spain and Ireland – have failed
economies and keep on criticizing Israel, which he said is responsible
for a slew of technological developments and inventions. Instead of
winning praise, he said, Israel is subject to delegitimization attempts.


According to Dershowitz, orga…

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