The Islamic clergy man preaches

The Islamic clergy preaches In the time that many of Iranian people are misused and the great powers are trying to destroy our countries by the help of ourselves, that means the people who are greedy and money thirsty or they are uneducated, proud an ignorant, or sick and have the illness of dictatorship or they fight just as a blind person and help the great super power to success.

The people who occupied the good positions do not have knowledge and experience, but the West will them in the power, because they have their benefits. They train men against women, women against man, Turk against Lors and Kurd against Persian, Sonnies against Shia and Rashti against Tehrani and so on… they made in Middle Eastern countries a chaos and blind fight without any result.

  The prepared the fight between Iran and Saddam, that everybody knows had destroyed a lot of wealth in both countries. They support Sadam against Iran and later they destroy even him, because he did not listen to them and did not obey them.  They have media and can do what ever they want and sorrowfully their target is Middle Easter countries.

They want that we should be not united and fight with each other, hate each other and destroy each other and they like this action. They programmed so nicely that we and our children be not very well educated so they can control us much easier. They use religions as a device to damage us; they use that part of religions which they interoperate by ignorant people.

They support ignorant people, because they help them to stop our progress. Even a boy of thirteen could understand these facts sixty years ago in Tehran that they are united and we the Middle Eastern countries are not and this disunity and hate, brings for us a lot of damages, which is in the favors of great super power of the world.  They are now even in our families and train the sons against fathers and daughters against mother and fathers.

They are against Love and Unity and they want to spread out Hate, Fight and Disunity.  This story may be happened in Tehran at 1948.

I do not know why sometimes you have a crazy attitude in your reaction and you feel lonely and sick as you have a secret illness in your whole body. And you are not happy. This sickness had only one cure and one way to get ride of it. You should go to the society and speak with some friends instead being home alone and read books. As the human being is a society animal and cannot live alone for a long time. I got this diseases and I know I should go out of room. I did not want to stay in the tail of a snake that the people were staying for cinema, or movie.

 I thought the best is to go to a Mosque and listen to a clergy person and see a lot of different people. So I walked to a Mosque near our house. The Molla Sadegh Roze Bekhon. The Clergy Sadegh of saying prayers or preaches was one of the clergy man that he put Hanna( a flower or herb that you can mix with water and put on your hair or bread, it makes it nice and shinny and black red color gives to your hair)   he liked his bread shine black and red very much and prefer this work to other activities that means it was very important for him to have a long, shiny black and red bread. He does not know anything about the new science, like biology, physic, chemistry, algebra or trilogy.

He said even to physic fazank.  And to biology bio nemidam chie.     He thinks as the people think about fifty years ago. (Also with our calculation about hundred ten years ago, because this story is sixty years old and he was again fifty years behind.)   He speaks like those people and could not adjust himself to the language of today people. He did not know anything about the new science and technology.

 He wanted to live like that time and acted like those days also. Any way I thought like that, and may be I was mistaken. If you entered his house, you could imagine you entered fifty years back in the history. The same material you used fifty years ago, he and his family were using. The rooms in his house were opening directly to the garden and there was no corridors and hall there. It was a garden and around the garden were some rooms.

 The restroom was on one of the side of the garden and the kitchen too. There were all separate buildings or separate rooms changing to bath rooms or kitchen.  His house was also may be over fifty years old. You could not find any modern furniture in his house. Even if you looked around for hours. The poor thief who wanted to take something from his house, he could not find anything he could sell outside.

His carpets were long ugly carpets from the time of Ghajar dynasty and may be more than hundred years old, very old and most flowers of the carpets were gone.  Nobody will give even one Toman (about fifteen cents at that time) for all the carpets.  The poor clergy man has no chance from the wife side, too. He had a very conservative woman who was almost against Molla and his manhood problem.

 She hates sex and she thought sex is just one time for the woman to be not virgin and have babies. She does not understand anything about sex and love and she thought the sex belong to Satan. So she tried to be away from Molla as she afraid of his sexual attack. (may be in Islam the semen is dirty and you should wash yourself completely and by washing the sexual organ you are not pure, but dirty. In that time there was not bath in the houses like it is now. So she and Molla should take their new clothes and go to the public baths. Public baths were far and very crowded and you should stay hours to go inside.

 May be one of the reason the people refused to have sex was this problem.) She tried also to cover herself as much as possible, so the Molla could be calm and not wild by seeing her bottom, face or breasts. She covered all of them very carefully from her legal clergy husband? She knows that the round ball shape of her bottom and the line or gap between them can make the Molla wild. So she tried to hide all these form him, by having wear big pant from the hard materials so the gap between the two eggs in her bottom could be hidden. If Molla could see the line between her bottom or her breast, it was very hard to calm him and flee from his sexual desire.   If Molla get excited, even one army could not calm him.

He was in that time very wild and very crazy. What he wants just to find a nice warm tight place for his little man, who control him at that time. She explained one time for other women, that one time by accident Molla saw my legs. And he attacked her as he was attacking a none believer to force him/her to be Moslem. He was so excited and so full of sexual desire that he tears off my short and could not wait until the darkness comes. He could not think properly that any moment somebody will enter the room. He has no control concerning himself any more. What he wants that time just to push his in mine.

 He wanted to put his which was like an Iron between my legs and it was not important for him, that I am standing or sitting. He tried very hard to come inside me and I afraid if I resists he will kill me or bit me. So I was in very bad mood. The women who were listing to her story were also very excited and asked her, OK what has happened next? As; she was telling them a porno story. She continued ; I do not know I was not lying and he like a wolf puts his between my leg and pressed me so hard, he was trying to go inside my little lady posy.

After a while that I afraid so much he made me so wet that all my clothes were wet. He stand up to continue again and again and after few time that he was relax he sail o Satan wife, you make me so dirty and I have to go now to the public baths.  His sperms were everywhere, after may be ten times that he released his sperms all my clothes and part of the room were full of his semen and everywhere was wet. He releases a river of the sperm in me and out side me. I was so painful and I could walk properly, he made my leg so opened that all my muscles were painful now. I afraid if somebody will enter the room, I will shy. One time I decided to cut his with a big knife, but I afraid as he is much stronger than me and he could punish me very seriously. My aunt wanted to give my some medicines that make him relax or in a deep sleep so I could cut his pennies. But; I afraid that he dies and we all will come to more disasters.  

 So he went to the bath and let the whole mass for me to clean. He was always in hurry and he did not let me to lay down and open myself for him. I afraid also to have more babies and I tried not to open myself completely so that he could go inside me, the nice warm tight wet place. He rubbed more on my leg and let his semen come out and after that generally he was upset, may be because he was not satisfied and say bad words to me and takes his clothes and leave the room for the public bath. Everybody knows that the Molla had intercourse, as he showed himself like a Satan angry.  I have to go to the public bath also, but I have to wait until he comes back and I could go to the bath. The woman in the public path said to me O Ms. Hajieh Khanom, Sadegh was here today, too; was it nice. Molla was so stupid that after any sexual attack of him, everybody knows we have intercourse and they waited that I get a big belly and be pregnant again. Again in the night, when I came back from bath, Molla was waiting to attack me again.

I wish he had four wives and let me to rest a little bit. I think, because he did not work physically and he eats also a lot, he was sexually very strong. I said one time, why he does not marry other women also, so he can satisfy himself better. He was too much for me. In the time that he raped me, it was not one time; many times he goes inside and outside of me. And released a lot of sperms, and again in the morning he should go to the bath again. Even before his morning prayer, he wanted sex again.  But I did not let him to go inside me completely and may be for this reason he was angry with me. He rubbed me so many times that all my lips were sore I mean the lips inside my short. I hated his sexual attitude. There was no patient and no love at all. For him I was just a slut and not a human being. Sometime I liked that he goes completely inside me, and I brought my leg up, he noticed and told me, O woman bring your leg down and takes his pennies outside quickly and wet me from outside and not from inside.

One time I love him inside me and I pressed my feet and my leg around him to bring him inside the little posy of mine. He was upset and said I cannot pay for another child, who is enough children, and we have so many children already. It is a lot of work for you and for me. Now that I love him inside , he claimed and told me do not be so sexy, sex is bad dirty and belong to Satan.  So for our sex relationship, we have just pain and unsatisfactions.  We both were thirsty and hungry for sex, but we could not help each other and make each other happy and satisfy. So we hate sometimes each other and try to take distance from each other.

 In the time that Molla makes himself like a snake to attack her, she told her; Man be normal, shame on you, you are not a boy. It is thirty days until the death of Imam Ali or Hussein , go and pray instead being a Satan child and thinking about sex? If you make sex with me, we can glue to each other and we cannot be released again so we will die in a very bad form. And the people will laugh at us, that they make sex in the holly days and they died of the result of their immorality. You said by yourself many time on the top of the chair in the Mosque that the people should not have sex in the holly days. 

 And now you do not act for your own words what you preach to other peoples.   You told the people if they made sex in the holly days they will go strait in the hell. To make sex is only to have children and we have one dozen of children and that is more than enough or not? Shame on you clergy man, hit your penis or put him in hot water or very cold water until he let you think. The Molla gets red and shy by this saying and sits down and he says what ever he said in the Mosque for having easy money now he should pay for this and his wife wants to bring all his words to the actions. He wanted not to speak about this, but he sees that is something like salt for his preach and if he does not mention these, the listeners will be less and less.

 He does not think before that what ever he speaks in the Mosque will affect his house and his life also. No where is even written, in all clergy books, that in the holey days or fourty days before them love and intercourse is verboten.  Molla wanted badly sex and in the time he saw the women like a airplanes or ships are coming and going to the mosque and are listing to his words. He looked at them and could see their ball of their breast easily from the top of high chair (Membar, is a chair about ten feet higher than the places the regular people are sitting) Molla wanted to rob and touch those balls and or suck them. May be if a woman goes without any veil to his near, he did not get as excited as a woman in Islamic veil. But if a woman with veil goes to him, and sometime the veil goes by side and he could see the nice breast and the line between them, he got more excited.  

 He loves the little hard breasts with big nipple and he desire to suck them, as he feels like a child who loves to suck the breasts of a very young woman. He remembered that her young mother gives him milk or let him suck her breast until he was quite big. The poor mother thought if she gives milk or breast to a child, she will not be pregnant again or so easy. He remembered that he told to his young mother, who died very young also, O my mother give two beasts I eat.  The mother is died with the eighteen as that time there was no antibiotics and not penicillin’s. Any little effecting could guide to the death.  Most women or a lot of women were dying with young age as their blood was polluted with the bacteria. Their posies were cut and the bacteria were going from there inside her body and killed her.

 He remembered that the daughter of Mohammad has died also with eighteen and he was so upset for her, also her mother died in the same age. So he was very upset as the children of Fatima, Hassan and Hussein were motherless and lost their mother as a child, even they were the ground children of Mohammad have been killed by Yazid the king of Moslem or Caliphs in Karbella. Some people say that the Iranian who love so much Hossein, is because he married a Persian girl, the daughter of Yazdgerd the king of Sasaniden, but there is no record of this marriage and even some people say that Hussein who is so beloved by Iranian, had hated Iranian and loved the Arabs. But Molla Sadegh cried bitterly for them.

 The two children without mother like him without mother. He was may be one year old or a little be more that his mother died.  Molla Sadegh was not a bad man, he was like many of other Iranians or Middle Eastern people the victim of the society of those courtiers which had oil and the great powers afraid, that if they are clever and academic and well educated, they will not let them to take their wealth. So they train the people to be disunited and uneducated, so they can cheat and control them much better. So he could not have a good education. He wanted to have a normal life, but as a clergy man, he should be more careful to have no sex affairs with other women. He wishes that he could be a little shopkeeper or a little merchant so he could have a nice life. But he was guided in this way, because the students of clergy’s school have some help from the people or other clergy people. He could not masturbate in that age and his wife did not like his attitude.

If he would start to have relationship with other women or eats too much in the parties, he will lose his position and the people will go away from him. So he has to play a very good moralist man. If the people think bad about him, he would not be invited to the rich circle of women, who give him five rials for the preaching. ( Five rials at that time, may be had a power of buying of 20 dollars now or more) so he could lose easily his customers. I saw him that day of the high chair of ten feet sitting and preaching. He was also friend with my father and knows me as a good student in the high school. He was preaching very loud and hot. All places in the Mosque were full of people who were sitting on the floor carpets.  The people were listening to his words, which contain nothing to learn. May be because of respect to Islam, the people did not protest against him. He repeats the same thing again and again.

The Arabic words and sentences he uttered were also hard to understand even you know Arabic.  A construction man, worker was sitting close to his place and was trying to understand his words. And he saw him as carefully as he wanted to put him in his eyes.  The poor man tried to understand what he was saying, buy he could not understand Molla Arabic sentences and words. And his Persian sentences have also not a real meaning. He was very upset of himself that he could not understand what Mullah was saying. As Mullah speak a language, mixed of Persian, Arabic and Turkish. He could not understand the Tehran dialect, and how he could understand the wrong pronounced words of Arabic of Mullah which was mixed with Turkish accent and his own pronunciation. May be the people who came every day to his perches or the women who invited him in their houses for the table of Abolfazle or the children of Moslem could understand his words. (Table or Sofreh is a gathering of Iranian religious women in Islam to chat with each other and gossip about other people, in these gathering is a good table with a lot of food and nice deserts, the women also trying to find husbands or their daughters or wife for their sons.

 Abolfazle was from the Mohammad family, who was killed as the Shia historian wrote in Karbella) the poor worker did not understand what he is saying so he give up his trying and start to think about his own problem and has gone to his own world. The end of part one.   

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