The Islamic clergy man preaches. (2)The spreading of disunity and indifference or Unjust.

The Islamic clergy man preaches. The spreading of disunity and indifference or Unjust.


Even the boy, who was going to high school in Shimiran, Tehran over sixty years ago, knew that the indifferent system will destroy the country. That means as long as the people are indifferent to each other and they let Unjust happen to other people as long as they think that they are safe, one day it is their term and in this time nobody care about them, too as they did not care about other people, separation, train them to be indifferent, then you can do what ever you love to do. As long as we are not directly involved we try to pass and be indifferent, that is not my money and that is not my family or my daughter, let the Unjust happen to them, I am OK. Millions of people come on the streets, but few of them are captured and the rest go home. They do not support the people who are captured, they think I have to flee and let other people be in danger.  With other words the millions people are indifferent or have fear,  when they see some people in front are captured, instead of being with them, they run away as fast as they could. What is if they are captured, the other people do the same things to them. My neighbor is rubbed by the thieves, but I am not rubbed, why I should be involved? Next day that is my time and the thieved will rub my house and the neighbor thinks the same as I did. I was trying to help all teachers giving lesson in one private school, I spoke and the people were willing to listen. My Iranian co-workers are left me alone and did not support me that I was fighting for their right.


I was working in German company. The Iranians have much less salary with the same qualification than their German partners. I wrote a letter and explained this. The president of the co. gathered all other Iranian and give them a little benefits, and they sent me out of the co. So the co-workers of mine sold me with a little bit benefits and did not support me. I helped one of my friends to get good job, he spread bad words about me. That was all the words and sentences came from Farshid moths. As long as we are cool and indifferent with other people, other people will do the same thing to us. Which is programmed by the super powers? Bring indifferences in the folks, so you can govern them.


The story part two


The clergy man tried to be in good position and the people should speak good about him, if not he will have problems. So he was trying not to eat too much in the time he was invited and he tried not to look so deep to the women that they get uncomfortable. The worker looked at the Molla and tried again to understand him, but he could not. He was hungry and his belly starts to make noise and the face of his wife and dozen of his children were coming in front of his eyes. He thought he will get some candies there or some date to eat and he did not want to leave the mosque without eating these, he thought he will get also tea with sugar and sometimes nice people give more food to the people who came there for prayers. He wished there were more food there, as his belly started to be painful now. It seemed that the people who were running the meeting were very poor or they do not want to spend some money for the people. It looked that there is no more nice food there and will not be in the close future also anything there. The tea without color was the only drink they offered the people in the mosque. The poor worker sit very polite there and the skin of his belly of front of his was going soon to glue in his back bone.


The Molla speak about the brotherhood in Islam that if your neighbor is hungry you should give food to them. And the worker listened to this wanted to cry and say where is this law and where and when is it performed. I am so hungry and nobody care. He wished to hit the Molla who is so strong and fat and just speak about the brotherhood which does not exist. He wanted to say why they do not give us work, why the rich people do not create work for us, why the government does not help us to get job and work? Why the clergy people who have a lot of money and live in palaces do not help us? Where is the money the people give for the donations and Islamic different donations? The wealth of Mosques are so much, the roof of the mosques are gold and inside are expensive mirrors, why they do not help us? There is no work in my village, my children and wife are hungry, I came to Tehran to work, but here I could not find work either. The poor worker was really very hungry and he thought he can get some food or candy in the mosque. But now he did not get anything and was very upset. But as most people were sitting polite, he sat polite, too and did not act revolutionary. There was no sound coming from the people, so he should be quite, too. He sat the whole time and was very nervous, but he had no other choice than sitting there quietly.  


The Molla also get hungry after so many speeches. His belly was not happy and under his belly was upset, too. Molla was a little bit hungry, but the worker was really very hungry. But Molla wanted something else, too. One of the beautiful women with the long body and long legs an tall figure should be in his arm, in the whole night. That was one of his desires. As his wife does not let him inside and always told him, make quickly man, it is enough, stop it, finish it, my let are getting painful. I am so tired to lay down under you. Molla wanted one of them, who are virgin and tall and he can shoot them in the whole night as much as he like. The wife was always claiming that you are so bad, you stay so long and you start again and again. Oh, I will die because of your penis, it is so big and so long. Between my legs is painful and has wound, tomorrow I will walk badly and the other women will laugh at me and say, what did Molla did to you in the night. Please, have mercy and be gentle. Again you went to Kerbella and to the Mountain of Allah O Akbar. All these speaking of his wife and seeing the beautiful women like ships were going hand by hand in the brain of Molla. His wife said to him, please, for the sake of God get another wife, it is too much for me. The wife also afraid to get pregnant again, and for this reason she tried very hard to run away from Molla sexual desire. Molla was a normal man, that he got a clergy job, and he had a nice beautiful wife, but she does not want to give love and sex to him. (In that time; there was no penicillin or other antibiotics medicine, so the women afraid a lot of sexual intercourses. Or being pregnant, and very young women were died, because of infection.  In that time also a lot of young babies were dying, because of a simple catching cold, for this reason the women who were a little bit clever, were very careful, that the man should not pump their semen in them, in the time that they feel he want to pump, took him off out of her vagina. And so they get wet and as they said dirty and should go to the public bath for the religious Islamic washing after sex.)  So in this way, the women and men who were going in the early morning to the public bath was clear that they had sexual intercourses. And the people make fun of them. OK did you water the field again?  So he was a normal man and by seeing the bottom and legs of the women get excited and in the night the poor wife should pay for the day seeing of her husband. To see the round bottoms like ball and the line between those balls and long legs that carried those balls made Molla very excited.  But again as they did not make a real complete love and sex, both of them were unhappy and not satisfied. The eyes of Molla like an eagle from the high place looked the women in the women section. The women section was divided by a very thick clothe, which was black generally from the men section. But some men were sitting close to the curtain and touched the body of the women next to them from the bottom of the clothes or curtain. So they touch their legs or feet but the women did not say anything, may they knew also the condition if they are sitting close to the curtain. May be they loved to be touched by men next to them in the other side of the curtain. (I do not know if in the churches, the men can do this, because the people can see both of them clearly, in the veil, the women are protected and nobody can see inside the veil, but a woman without veil is not protected and everybody can see, if she does something.)  In this case if the women do not protest, that was a green light to the man to continue his activities. Sometime even protest meant to give an alarm to the men to start their activities. Or may some girl or an innocent woman by mistake was sitting next to the curtain and the men in the other side did start their work. So this time the woman or girl will quickly change her place. As; the other women were willing to sit there. They told to the innocent woman, here come to me and change your place with me. Some women also told the girl who was sitting there, you wanted that, if you did not want why you were sitting so close to the curtain?


The nice cry with a lot of love that the women performed was an alarm to the men in the other side, to start their work. They loved to be touched by men, who are completely outsider.  So it was clear that sitting near the curtain was for both sides something especial.  The women and men generally sitting there wanted to play. They were generally not innocent people. Both of them were willing to act. If a man or woman sits by mistake there the other people quickly helped her/him to change her/his place. Everything was under control and well programmed.   So if a man or woman sits there by mistake, if she touched and like it would be one of the customer of that place, and if she does not want it, could change her place very fast as a lot of other people offered her place voluntarily.   The women or even men who wanted to be touched and play, could reserve the place by their friends. And the women who were very sharp sits so close that the man could even touch her dangerous places. So they could feel the wetness and warmth of their nice place or flowers.  The women in this case covered their face very seriously and let their legs opened under the veil for the men the other side of the curtain. Firmly they covered their face, because the excitements could be read by other women by seeing their red sexy faces.  To cover exactly they let just one eye out of veil and the rest of the body was protected firmly, only the hands of a person could be there. A man said later, that a woman was so closed to me that I could even touch the nipple of her breast and listen to her voice of excitement.   


With this foreword our poor hungry worker was sitting close to the curtain. The worker was sitting like a Duke or Count of European country and he was very hungry and very polite and see the people with affection and respect. But a woman from the other side of the curtain by mistake tries to get his attention to her. The woman was hot and ready, but the worker was quite and cool. The woman gets angry as the man was indifferent and wanted to revenge him. Like the woman in the Bazaar let their veil fell down like accidentally and they cry to have more attention. If nobody cares, they will attack the first man near them. And if they are with their husband, they will make him joules and let him to understand that they are so beautiful that the men wanted them right away.


(2)And they will show a man wanted to touch their bottom and they tried to defend their nice round bottom so they lost their veil.  So in this way they have the man in their side. If the other man who is accused to pinch their bottom is a weak person, the husbands will fight with him, but if he is a huge one, the husbands prefer to ignore the whole story.  In any way the woman made the man ready for the night. And her little one will be lucky and has a white luck. ( In Iran the men who made a lot of love to his wife, the people called the woman a wife with white shinny luck) In this way the little lady will have a nice long hard guest every day in her place. Now the woman in the mosque was in the same position, she wanted to be noticed badly and the worker was in another world. So she cried that this man next to the curtain punched me. Quickly two strong men came and took the poor innocent worker be his neck and carried him in front of the mosque and let him hardly out of mosque. You stupid man, you have drunk enough sweet teas and now you started to punch the women. He said, I did not do anything and I was just listening to the Molla.  You are a liar, you did the woman pointed at your place. Go away and do not come to the house of God any more. Hi, house of God, I am innocent and you act as I am a criminal. The house of God is yours. I will never come to a mosque like this, you accused me and you do not afraid of God.


The rest of people were quite and indifferent, nobody tried to listen to the worker and or help him. In the other side of mosque some technical workers were sitting. They are speaking with each other. Molla some times looked at them and they were quite for a while, but again they start to speak. Molla was angry with them, but they did not care so much about him, too. May be they would like the Molla be quite completely so they can speak better. Molla speak a lot and repeated the same subject over and over. Molla was very angry with them and they were angry with him, too. If somebody wanted to ride on Molla, he would afraid, and if Molla wanted to ride on a donkey, the donkey will be upset and afraid.


In the other side of the mosque two children were sitting.  They wanted more to play as listen to the garbage of Molla. I do not know why they came to the mosque. They were there as they were in a classroom of their school; they speak and play with each other softly, so they do not disturb the Molla very much. Molla also told many time, O children be quite and listen. They were quite for a while, but after few minutes they start again to play and speak very quietly.  They were not so nice that they get quite for asking of Molla. Their father was sitting a little bit farer from them. In the other side of the mosque a fat man with his fat boy were sitting, they were so fat that they should move any minute to be relax in their place. So they are always moving and they disturbed the Molla a lot. Molla could not understand why they are moving so much. Few minute later somebody forted very bad. With a very bad smell as the owner of the fret has eaten a lot of eggs. The people were very uncomfortable of the smell of the wind coming from the bottom of a man. Everybody looked at the fat man and his son. But nobody could accuse them. It was not sure who did that.  The school boy was asking his father to go home, he did not do his homework and he afraid his teacher will bit him. He was very upset, but the father did not care a much. He said daddy I did not finish my homework. The religious father wanted to bring the son in the mosque to have a religious son, and he should go to paradise like other religious persons.  But none of them could understand what the Molla is talking about. What ever he said, was repeated before.


I understand the boy is best, I know that he wanted the Molla be quite, or finish his garbage, so he can go home and continue his homework. To do them very well so the Lady teacher will say to him, O my little son; you did your homework very well.

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