pictory: Guy Bakhtiar arrives at Father’s Funeral (August 7th,1991)

Son of Shapour Bakhtiar, Guy accompanied by wife ( or Sister ? ) arrives at Montparnasse cemetery in Paris for his father’s funeral. Guy Bakhtiar born to a French Mother was an Officer of the French Police Department and was in charge of the personal security of his father at the time of the assassination. The Assassins were not suspected at first because they were members of Bakhtiar’s exiled political organization for at least 10 years. They had inflitrated the organization and gained the trust of the former Prime Minister before masterminding their deadly deeds.

Guy died of a heart attack a few years after his father’s assassination. One of the two other daughters Viviane also succumbed to a heart attack in subsequent years and died at the Age of 49 in her apartment in Cannes in the South of France.

French Judiciary is to decide on Bakhtiar’s assassin’s fate on May 18th. Ali Vakili Rad is currently on conditional freedom after spending 18 years in prison for his participation along with two others in the cold blooded murder of Shapour Bakhtiar and his secretary Soroush Katibeh in the late Prime Minister’s home in suburbs of Paris. There are talks of a bargain between the French Government and the Islamic Republic to exchange him with French Teacher Clothilde Reisse accused of spying by the Islamic Repulbic after she emailed photos of last june post election demonstrations and violence to Friends and family.

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