One is China. One is Iran. And they are going to trigger a change of consciousness !

I received this email from Iran from my cousin who moved to Shiraz…

KRYON BOOK ELEVEN: Lifting the Veil, the New Energy Apocalypse

PAGE 100 – Published in 2007

Kryon on Iran:

“Watch for two things. The timing of these I cannot give you, for this is up to you and your free choice. Call this a prophecy if you wish, but it will only happen if you follow the energy of potential that is here as we speak. Watch for two things politically on this planet. (1) Soft revolutions. You can define this term any way you wish. Soft revolutions in two important countries. One is China. One is Iran. And they are going to trigger a change of consciousness – against all odds – an alignment for peace with the rest of you. Watch for it. It’s inevitable if you stay on this track. (2) Then there’s the big one. A change in the Middle East, in Israel, right in Jerusalem. Watch for this. The unexpected.* (3) Eventually, you’ll see a younger person arise who we have spoken of before [in Israel], although not soon.

It’s happening, but in a way that is hidden for now. Can you celebrate with me, even though you can’t yet see it? That’s what’s really happening. You can’t see it on your news, but it’s there. Can you say, “It’s well with my soul”?

ARIANE BOOK: Beyond the Veil, The Illusions and Confusion

Published in French only – 2008

… an interview with Kryon:

I have a specific question concerning an aspect. In your last book, (Lifting the veil) Kryon talks about two countries to look out for; China and Iran. It was said that we will be surprised to see wisdom coming from these two parts of the world. But in another book, from what could be considered a reliable source, it is mentioned that the next nuclear bomb will come from Iran, of course affecting humanity at a grand scale. To say the least, it is confusing for us.

My purpose for asking is not to compare information but rather to understand how two completely different information attributes can come out from two reliable sources. Is it just about misunderstanding, discernment or simply another possibility being brought into the forefront? Also, didn’t we avoid this kind of scenario?

Many of you were alive in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. During these years one of the countries of earth was called “The evil Empire” by the United States President. Do you remember this?

During that time, fear was high, hope was almost non-existent, and that “evil” country was seen as the forerunner to starting nuclear holocaust on earth. It seemed stronger than anyone… it was first in space, and willing to use its massive nuclear powers at a whim.

Prophets saw this country as a major player for the end of the planet… very significant to how things would play out. The prophet Nostradamus told of this in his quatrains, and the Christian scriptures gave metaphors of the destruction that was at hand due to a nuclear exchange with them and the United States, all caused by issues in Israel.

The country was the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, or “The Soviet Union.” It was what had become of Russia after World War II. It was powerful, dangerous, and one of the superpowers of the planet. For almost 50 years it wielded its influence, and many former sovereign countries were under its command and control.

It also represented an old paradigm of thinking, and many of those who could “see” the future, came back and reported that indeed the earth was doomed. Perhaps you are now aligning this answer with the last one? For this is the example of what I told you. The see-ers gave you doom and gloom, and many went with it, since everything around them said, “yes, this is probably what will happen.” But there were others who saw the coming shift, but it didn’t match what most saw as current events at the time.

I arrived in 1987, right after the Harmonic Convergence. The Soviet Union was still strong, and the prophecies were still intact. However, I told you that the end was not at hand, and that miracles of consciousness shifting were going to happen. One year later, the “impossible” took place. “The Evil Empire” crumbled upon itself! Almost overnight it became powerless. Those Union states broke the bond of their masters and took back their sovereignty, and the threat of the cold war vanished. Along with it, disappeared the imminent nuclear holocaust that had been the food for the prophets of doom for half a century. Fifty years of worry, fear, planning, and spying was relegated to astonishment as the Russian people began the long journey of climbing out of decades of oppression and economic ruin. They still are, since it’s hard to erase a 50 year-old society overnight.

So I ask you: In 1980 if a Human prophet had told you this would happen, what would you have said? “Impossible? Take a walk? Go back and practice channeling some more? Are you nuts? Look around!” Probably so. For 3D is like that. But interdimensional energy is powerful, unexpected, and has no time barrier.

Take a look around right now. Now Iran has been labeled “The Axis of Evil” by your United States President. It looks dangerous, and the fear, worry, spying and planning is back. They also have issues with Israel. The “Doomsday Clock” has been restarted by those who keep it. So I ask you these questions, Lighthouse…

Was the Soviet Union dangerous? The answer is yes…. Very.

Was it less or more dangerous than Iran is to you now? You answer this.

Having seen exactly what we told you was a miracle in the making (the fall of the Soviet Union), what is it you are going to do with this spiritual history? Are you going to again climb into your hole and hope God changes it? Are you going to follow all those profits who wish you to dig a hole under your house and stock it with food? Or might you strike your light and create the same kind of things you did in 1988 when you changed history forever?

There is no difference in the prophecies of doom and gloom regarding Iran than those regarding the Soviet Union. In fact, the mechanics are identical. Back then, the Russian people were not the enemy, but their dictatorial leadership was. When the leadership dissolved, you may notice that there was no “end battle.” You might notice that it happened from within, and that the Russian people were the ones who brought it to an end. They were the wise ones, and were the ones who took it upon themselves to change history, using the light from all the others on earth who joined them in this endeavor of peace. No battle, no death, no bomb… and the west was left in amazement.

The people of Iran are very wise. Many of them are young… younger than the average age of your civilization is. They don’t have the number of older ones you do, so they think differently. And rather than being all radical and ready to vaporize themselves in some kind of final battle for their God, many are instead silently wondering how to bring their leadership into check, but still hold on to their faith. Many wish to create a situation that might bring them abundance and a more peaceful life within their region. Make no mistake. They are not allied with the west, or about to be. That is not their desire. They love their own lineage and their own prophet. But they wish to change the idea that they are all disposable martyrs, led by their older ones who seem to be ready to gamble and take them to the brink of destruction.

They have the kind of resources in that small land to bring wealth to almost every citizen there. Their wisdom, therefore, is that of the peacemaker and the industrialist. Their great prophet taught them UNITY, and yet their governors are seeking division at the highest level… and against the karmic lineage of the planet (Jews). These citizens of Iran are viewing the foolishness of their leadership and there is much fear among them that they will lose their lives and their country… and they may be right if they do nothing. So here is the free choice again.

So I ask you, what is your reality? Is it the old paradigm of what might happen, or the new paradigm of what can happen? We have told you in the past that you hold in your hands the answers to all of this. The ones who teach doom and gloom are the ones who only see the old path, and don’t believe it can be changed. To them, their prophecy is as good as any, for they can “see” this potential clearly, since it exists in the Akash. But so does the other… where a wiser Iran decides to play a major part in the Middle East that is not through terrorism, but rather through trade and financial strength.

China is the one who needs the oil… far more than the West will. Who do you think might then make up that difference? Will it be a country laid waste from a nuclear exchange because they decided to attack Israel, or will it be the New abundant Islamic Republic of Iran, strong supplier of resources to China?

Blessed is the one who weighs the practical with the spiritual, for they will have far more understanding of how things can turn around and eventually work for future generations. My foresight has not changed, and the major possibility in the energy of the Akash of earth right now is that you will change this situation, just as you did the last one… with the same kind of miracles and energies that were seen then, and it wont take 50 years.

At some point in time, dear Human Being, you are going to have to claim the power to do these things, instead of thinking of them as coincidences or intervention from above. Now, go and do what you did before, and cast aside the words of those who would preach fear and make you powerless. Those soothsayers are the ones who quickly disappear when their prophecies are voided, but who often reappear with new doom for you to digest, when things are again challenging. Have you noticed this?

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