Royal seals found in Haft Tappeh

Archeological excavations at the ancient site of Haft Tappeh, near the
historical city of Susa, have yielded two royal seals dating back to
3,400 years ago.

The cylindrical seals bear cuneiform and middle
Babylonian scripts and were found with the skeletal remains of a female,
which experts say might have been an important figure during the
Elamite era.

“Deep trenches and the newly found earthenware show
that the city thrived for 150 to 200 years,” Mainz University Professor
and head of Haft Tappeh excavations Behzad Mofidi said.

studies had shown that the area only witnessed one structural epoch,
but our findings show that people lived in the area for several
generations around 500 BCE,” he added.

Archeologists had
previously found a collection of office buildings and clay tablets in
the area, CHTN reported.

According to Mofidi, the rooms were used
by scribes who kept records of objects, animals and weapons.

number of the clay tablets have also been decoded and will soon be
published in Persian and German.


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