Russia concerned about unilateral sanctions against Iran

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov
expressed concern Wednesday over reports that the U.S. and the European
Union may consider new unilateral sanctions against Iran in addition to a
draft Security Council resolution currently being discussed.

“Lavrov expressed concern over the latest information about plans of
the U.S. and EU not to restrict themselves to formulating a collective
position on Iran within the U.N. Security Council, but to impose
unilateral sanctions, including exterritorial sanctions, which would go
beyond decisions agreed upon by the international community and would
run counter to the principle of the supremacy of international law
guaranteed by the U.N. Charter,” the Foreign Ministry said in a
statement, referring to a phone conversation between Lavrov and U.S.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Clinton said earlier in
the day that Washington, Moscow and Beijing have come to an agreement on
a new Security Council resolution, thought to impose another set of
sanctions against the Islamic republic.

The exchange of
opinions between Lavrov and Clinton on Iran’s controversial nuclear
program came a day after the Iranian, Brazilian, and Turkish foreign
ministers signed an agreement on the exchange of low-enriched uranium to
fuel Tehran’s scientific research reactor.

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