What Captain Ayhab’s Bahavior Showed Us About Ourselves

I was thinking about this whole Capt-Ayhab fiasco.  The way he was blocked, was allowed to return and the things that he did to get himself blocked again.  I thought about how he always claimed to be a prolific commentator on Huffingtonpost of Ha’aretz and other online publications.  He even once posted a link to a Huffintonpost thread where he said he had commented on.  I actually went on that thread and checked out his contributions.  As far as I could tell, his contributions (despite the fact that they were very pro-IRI and Ahmadinejad-something that he denied of doing, or being for that matter) were civil and polite.  Then I thought about his posts on this site.  His blogs were, for the most parts, vindictive, hate filled and some even targeted other users of the site.  His comments were no better either.  They were mostly attacks and / or instigations for attack and showed a general lack of civility to others.  I think the straw that broke the camel’s back was when he threatened to file a complaint against another member with the FBI, and that is when he was blocked again.

Then I thought about the time that I attended a Googoosh concert a few years ago in the U.S.  During the break, people poured out into the lobby of the place where the concert was taking place.  One of the only places where one could buy food was a small hot dog vending cart, like the ones that you see on the street.  The guy was selling sandwiches out of the cart.  All of sudden, our fellow Iranian concert attendees “rushed” the cart.  No line, no civility, nothing.  They were on top of each other, so much so that they kept pushing the wheeled cart back toward the wall, to the extent that the poor vendor almost got pinned between the cart and the wall and had to yell at people to get back.  As I watching this embarrassing spectacle, I asked myself: would they do this if they were at a McDonalds, or even at a hot dog stand on the street?  Would they do this with Americans?  Or would they get in line, be all polite and patient?

See the similarities between the Captain and the crowd at the concert?  Am I wrong, or do we have a set of rules for dealing with foreigeners and one for dealing with ourselves?  Do we take each other for granted?  Do we think that we have a license to abuse each other?  Is it our culture that breeds this kind of behavior?  Is this the reason why that we have never had democracy in our country?  Because we think that we can get ahead and get to the top, or be the dominant person in a given situation by abusing, silencing and threatening others?  Was Cap_Ayhab just a symbol of what is wrong with our community?   Is it time to take a look in the mirror? 

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