Iran, the U.S., and False Assumptions

Along with pounding the idea into the hearts and minds of the American people that Iraq’s leader, Saddam Hussein, had developed weapons of mass destruction, the Bush-Cheney Administration continually insisted that he also had connections to Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida. It came as no surprise, then, when the Associated Press recently ran an exclusive entitled: Iran Eases Grip On Al-Qaida.(1)

The story purports that al-Qaida operatives who have been detained for years in Iran have been quietly making their way in and out of the country. Written by Adam Goldman-an Associated Press writer-the info-blurp further stated that Iran was loosening its grip on the terror group so it could replenish its ranks. His sources, of course, were unnamed intelligent officials and agencies.

The Associated Press report continued to discuss how Iran is re-examining its “murky relationship” with al-Qaida, and that any influx of manpower would give al-Qaida a boost in morale and expertise, threatening to further disrupt stability in the region. Again, the article quoted anonymous U.S. officials and intelligence agencies, claiming they were worrisome about al-Qaida’s recent movements, not to mention the “mysterious relationship” between Iran and al-Qaida.

The info-fear article also discusses Iran’s nuclear program, and how funding might be interrelated to some al-Qaida figures, specifically al-Qaida’s “management council” and several of its most dangerous adherents. The state… >>>

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