Name One Way in Which Velayat-e-Faghih is Not a Monarchy

Let’s face it.  Velayat Faghih is a continuation of the monarchy under a different name.  VF has all the powers that the Shah had (minus the personal hygiene, of course). He is the commander in chief.  He has a lifetime rule.  He appoints all the heads of the military.  He has the ultimate veto power over all legislation, he can declare war, he can stop a war by agreeing to peace treaties, he can pardon prisoners, anyone who speaks ill of him lands in jail, (or his head is handed to him) and people kiss his hand.  What is the difference between him and the Shah? 

And please don’t tell me there is a “president” in Iran.  The guy can’t even issue a decree getting women into a stadium.  The king comes out, slaps him in the face and cancels his petty order.  Let’s not forget that Shah also had a “prime minister”.    

So, if you disagree with this assessment, please list all the ways in which VF is different than a monarchy.  As always, please no “safsateh” and no speeches.  Just facts.  


***I want to make one thing clear and that is the atrocities committed by the IRI against the Iranian people far surpasses ANY crime committed by any Iranian monarchy in modern Iranian history.  

The point of my post is that this whole hoopla about a “Republic” in Iran is a farce.  The ultimate result of the 1979 devolution was the replacement of one king with another.

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