Do not separate men and women from each other. We all should be united.

Do not separate men and women from each other. We all should be united. In the time that I was guest teacher in Tanzania, Daresalam in high school I saw over there different culture. The boys or men go to the women or girls, touch her and kiss her and take her to his rooms for sexual activities. It is so free and so easy. The girl is living with her parent and get pregnant, the father or mother even do not ask who is the father. It is a natural action like eating and drinking. And may be for this reason there is so many sicknesses of sexual organ and IDS. With their culture it is OK and they see to the sex as normal common activities that the man should go to the girl and they do not need any courtship or to know each other very well.  The African girls are trained to obey the men and do not say no to them.  In the Wes it is different; you cannot go to the girl or woman and just take her to the bed if she is not prostitute. 

You should be friend with her, speak with her, invite her to restaurants, introduce yourself properly and may be she will be your girl friend after a while and after a lot of contacts. In this time you have to be very polite nice, on time and pay her cost in the best restaurant and buy for her good gifts and so on. In Europe if you are student and do not have enough money, the girls generally pay their part or you can ask if you are allowed the pay their part. So if she is your girl friend; she allows you to have intercourse with her. She may be wanted to marry you later or not. She does not get a bad name if you go away from her or if she goes away from you. In the past in Germany if the boy runs away was not so good, but if the girl could find another better man and break with you, it was not so bad.  As you may now in the Islamic countries it is different. The girls and boys generally cannot have sexual contact or intercourse if they are not married. The girls if they do the society find them cheap or stupid. If the girls want sexual intercourse it should be very secret and they do not say in the public that they are boy friend and girl friend with the European meaning.

The rich beautiful girls generally do not afraid for the sex and they have the possibilities to repair the virginity skin.  Again the moral is more and less for poor or middle class people the rich do not need to flow the rule and regulation of the society, they have nice big houses and or different apartments and they can have sex and fun there. Even rich married men can have extra sex girl friends or temporary marriage. Generally the men in the Islamic countries want to marry a virgin girl or a so called good girl who did not touch even a rooster or a male boy. In these societies it is bad for brothers, fathers or may be all male families’ members if the girl has a sex boy friend. So they try to keep the girl pure. If you say to a man that your mother or sister or wife had contacts with men or irregular friendship or secret friendship with the male, it is bad. So the men of the families are trying to protect the females.  If this is good or bad; it is another question.   In different cultures there are different taboos.  And different cultures have different conditions and different taboos. We cannot use the measurement of one culture to measure another cultures. In some culture the people are going after food and minimum of life in other culture the people have different problems. A young man about thirty years old came to me to have some help for his exam, and after a while he said that he is homo sexual and I tried to help him to control himself and not go after this not normal condition. He said that he knows it is not right, but he cannot control himself.

  I was sorry for him, but I could not help him, too. As I am not medical doctor, I am just a teacher.  I tried to weak up in him love and unity of mankind, I told him that he should not think about sex and his penis, he should try to love people and do not expect to have sex from them.  I remember the time that we were young and the young men told each other that they have sex problem. They cannot have normal sex activities and they should make a mechanical action with anything in their possession. In Iran or Middle Easter countries the sex is a taboo and the people do not speak about it. As a child we afraid from sex and we tried in the time we were young to kill the sex in ourselves. We tried to be busy with painting, reading, music and sport or other activities to forget about sex. Nice mild sex is nice and as the doctors say the sex is even in little children. A mother who kisses her little son; there is a little bit sex in her love also.

Or a brother who kisses his sister; there are some sex.  Even if you see a nice bird or nice flower, some little sex is in your feeling and you enjoy the beauty. But this type of sex is not really sex with love that makes you hard to be able to do the intercourse. In USA any touching means sex. But I was teacher and I never thought about sex concerning my students. As in Middle Easter countries the sex is not good, so it develop over there another different love. Love without sex or with a little sex which never will guide to the intercourse. Love with sex belongs to the married people, and the other people should love each other Platonic, it means without any sexual desire. Sex means you want to release your powerful of sex and be relaxed. Love means you care about the other person and sex is not so important for you.  A boy who is homosexual see only to be released mechanically, love for him does not means may not Platonic, but a sex desire. We learned to love people and not to think about sex about them. So if I kiss a little girl or a woman, I control my sexual desire and try to kiss her only by love. There are always people who are not normal and did intercourse with their mothers and daughters or nieces. 

But if you can love, you will never do these things. For American or European culture our condition is not healthy, because I saw many students of mine who were marry and did not want to have sex relationship with their spouses. As they learned sex is bad and love is good. A girl student of mine told me that she said to her husband, if you love me; you should not expect to have sex with me. Love me like your sister without sex.  Love and sex have different stages. You love your daughter, your son and or your mother. That is a different love as you love your friend whom you want to marry her or him. The love is covering the sex and love with sex is nice. In West any reaction to other people means sex or homo sexual action. Because as the sex is death or at least in deep sleep for us, love without sex is not understandable for them. Hamid told me in the time he wan in Germany as student, he wanted to have a friend to know their culture and practice his language. But the girl wanted sex and she was very wondered as Hamid kissed her as a sister and had no sexual desire for her. 

 Generally the Middle Easter people have a feeling for love without sex, which for Western people is maybe not normal or not healthy.  But what will happen, it you cannot have a sex love relationship with the opposite sex. Your love will continue without sex for other people. Many Persian girls told me they hate sex with their husbands. And many men said also that their wives are like a dead person in the time they have intercourse.   Shaham told me that he had three different girl friends in his life, three different types of women. The first one wanted to have sex with love with me, but she did not want to marry me. She was a rich beautiful girl or young woman who did not want marry me, but she wanted me for a certain time with love and sex. That means she allowed me to kiss her and to make also love with her.  As I loved her very much I could not have her for a certain time. I wanted her for the time of my life.

 I was in love with her and she was not. The second girl wanted to have sex with me, but she did not show any love. She did not let me even to kiss her lips, but I could touch her body, her breast and have sexual intercourse with her. The third girl did not let me to touch her completely but she let me kiss her, hug her and touch certain places and not very dangerous places. She was over two year’s friend with me and she did not want to sleep with me or even marry me.  So in Iran or in Middle Eastern countries may be we have the same type of girls, but they cannot show themselves and everything is hidden.   We should not separate girls and boys, men or women they belong to each other. To destroy their feeling is not healthy and we should not destroy the life of other people. The people say that in Iran the women are under the pressure of men. But if I see around myself there are a lot of women or girls around me, that they destroyed their father’s, brothers, and husbands’ lives. They took everything from them and let them on the street.

They misused their trust and love and took all their belonging and let them be in a very poor condition, so it is not fair we say women are better and gentler than men or vise versa. There are cruel men and women, both can be bad and good. If the women should have the same power, they will be the same cruel people. For example, I know a lot of girls and women who misused their father trust or their male family trust and they took everything from them and escape to the USA the free country to misuse them.   The Bahais in Iran are maybe in the worst situation. Thirteen thousand of them have been killed and torched in the time of Nasreddin Shah and other Ghajar dynasty and more than two hundred of them have been killed after the glorious huge Islamic revolution in Iran. Just in one occasion ten angel of Shiraz have been executed by rope and hanged up very cruelly by the so called Islamic court. But even those of the Bahais who are not killed act very cruelly concerning other Moslems. They are nice and friendly as soon as you do not trust them, in the time that you trust them, because they have a good name as a Bahai, and give your authorization to them; they act very cruelly and destroy your life. 

 I have a Jewish friend and we know that they are powerful people and as in the newspapers wrote among the 14 millions people, 180 of them got the Nobel price, but among 1,5 billions Moslems only three could get the Nobel price. And as you know the Jew and Moslem are cousins. Why the Jew should not help their Moslem cousin to be better in economy and science area and be in the same route as they are. They are rich and they can open a lot of universities for their Moslem cousins. So in the time they are academic and not ignorant, may be there is more chance to have a better life for both sides.  But greed and inhumanity does not let the people think properly. If the whole world are living in peace is better or just part of the world? If all people in the world try to help each other and solve the problems, is it not better than spend so much money for war and drugs? Please, Jew and Moslem, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Atheist and other people are nice to each other; do not destroy our short life with hate and war. Do not damage our life with your greed and selfishness. In this time the Jew have a big role in the world, they should love the people as if they are all their brothers and sisters.

Forgive the bad time and start to love other people. Love brings Love and Hate brings Hate. Christ was a Jew, listen to Him, Love your enemy and love your neighbors.  He was a Jew and gives all of you a way.  I hope the unity of men and women, different nations, different nationalities and different religions or none religions will gather under one tent, the tent of the Unity of Mankind. Listen to Sadi and Zoroaster, you are the limb of one body and just think good and act good and speak good, or Bahaullah, said the tent of humanity and unity is raise up, do not look to each other as foreign and all of you are the leaves of one tree and branches of one trunk. So please do not separate women from men and … we are just one Unit. Man and woman are like the wings of one bird. And the human being is just one big family. To separate one part of body or separate the family is not ideal.    

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