Officials’ Wrath Unleashed on Prisoners After Release of Videos from Rajaiee Shahr Prison (video)

HRANA – The Intelligence Ministry is determined to discover the identities of the individuals involved in exposing the rape and torture of prisoners in Rajaiee Shahr prison in Karaj.

Last week, Human Rights Activists in Iran (HRA) published two videos recorded by two different Rajaiee Shahr prison inmates who had been subjected to inhumane torture and rape by their captors. The contents of the videos and the extent of the injuries suffered by the two men were heartbreaking and shocking. Their sheer bravery in releasing the videos and bold expose of their conditions has inspired both awe and grave concern about their fate.

On Saturday, following the release of the videos by HRA, two agents from the Intelligence Ministry transferred twenty prisoners to the Security Office in Rajaiee Shahr prison where they were interrogated and threatened. They also moved Mohsen Beikvand, the victim in one of the videos, to solitary confinement.

Mr. Beikvand, who was severely tortured by an integrator named Hassan Akharian, was transferred to solitary confinement for not cooperating with the Intelligence Ministry interrogators and refusing to disclose the name of his interviewer and cameraman.

In addition, unknown men have contacted Mr. Bahram Tasviri, the other victim from the videos, and told him that his image and reputation have been shattered outside of prison with the publication of these videos.

It should be noted that the two Intelligence Ministry … >>>

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