Western Powers, the Great Manipulators

After 30 years Iranians at large have risen up against theocratic despotism and have been determined to remove the imposed camouflage of Islamic religion, which has shadowed all over the sectors of the society and has heavily rooted into the urban rules and everyday lives of the people. They have been pursuing a democratic and secular government, under which the people of any ideology can live together peacefully.

On the other hand the pressure of Western Powers to redirect the Iranian movement is becoming clearer everyday. Western Powers have spent all the time they could get to manipulate the people’s intellect around the world in faking the real story of Iranian young generation uprising against the tyrannical government in Iran by twisting its real message and presenting the on-going movement as a conflict between the conservative Shiites who are ruling the country and moderate Shiite faction of the government, labeled as the Islamic reformers. Furthermore they have misled the public by spreading the distorted information around the globe that the people of Iran do not approve of the current government but they are demanding a moderate Shiite government or an Islamic government, which is consisted of moderate Shiite elements.

In pursuing their devious scheme, Western Powers have used all the knacks and techniques as well as the public authorities in their services such as their mercenary news anchors and political analysts in private and public TVs, paid columnists in News Medias, fake interviews with IRI lobbyists and hired x-IRI staffs and rewarded x-political prisoners, Iranian mercenary agents employed by intelligence services, salaried liaison agents as broadcast controllers in opposition-owned Persian TVs across the world, compensated American-Iranian association and human right activist and organizers to name a few, to distort the real implication of the on-going freedom seeker movement in Iran and infuse the wrong message in people’s mind.

If Western Powers presume that they have succeeded in creating rifts among Iranian oppositions outside the country through making a bridge to a small domain of the Iranian population, so-called the hired mercenaries, and ignoring the majority of real Iranian oppositions, they are dead wrong in their calculation. Iranian people at large outside the country have already demonstrated and shown to the world their undisputed supports for the freedom movement inside Iran in so many ways. At the beginning these supports may have carried multidirectional and sporadic intensities however, as the time have elapsed, the momentum for presenting a unique voice to show their solidarity and unity for free and secular democratic Iran is getting stronger everyday. Western Powers have no other choice but to stand with the genuine Iranian people among the oppositions and not the fake members of their pool-bank collection.

A baby-step approach from a moderate Islamic government to someday a democratic government, supposedly like the ones implemented in Iraq and Afghanistan are not logical and will not work in Iran. Western Powers need to understand that Iran has 7500 years of history and civilization and has been the pioneer in the world in observing the human rights across the globe. Just because they [Western Powers] have imposed and forcefully maintained a fanatic Islamic regime against Iranians for 31 years and created a stall upon their global advancement for a period of time it doesn’t imply that the people of Iran has lost their Persian identity and are not ready for the establishment of a secular democratic state. Keep in mind that about 70% of the population in Iran consists of under 30-years-old young students who not only have not been brainwashed by the IRI but they have become the intellects of the society through their access to cyber technology.

The rational behind the baby-step approach toward democracy in the 3rd-world-nation countries from Western Powers’ point of view is the false hope of replacing the fanatic elements of the current government by the moderate ones through reforming the Islamic regime. This way they are hoping to remove the Islamic fanatic suicidal sector from the society so that the world of capitalism can safely continue operating across the globe, and at the same time be able to maintain the ignorance and non-patriotic mentality of the ideological society intact in order to continue on their domination and imperialism.

The Western Powers have to keep in mind that they can not write the history for Iranian one more time, the era for the world’s governments once ruled by the oil cartels and corporate owners to materialize the plunder of a nation’s natural resources against the will of its people has come to an end. The governments should be in service of their peoples’ wishes and I am sure no people in the world are too ambitious to seek their prosperity built upon the misery of other nations.

Mansur Rastani, Ph.D.http://iraniandemocracydefenders.blogspot.com/

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