The Politics Of Victimhood

Nothing that Israel’s does is ever wrong. It’s always the other side. Like a petulant child that never grows up, its always “they started it.” But the world is growing tired and weary of Israel’s carefully crafted propaganda that its sets in motion when it does stupid things and tries to blame it on the victim. There are some immutable facts that everyone knows: Israel has a criminal blockade around a strip of land that is one of the poorest and most densely populated places on earth where over 80 percent of the population cannot find work.

The Gaza Strip is a place where rubble, unpaved streets, bombed out houses, and raw sewage are ever present. The Gaza Strip is the world’s largest refugee camp where Israel controls how much food, water, fuel and medicines get in and who gets out. It is a brutal 21st century form of apartheid that is far worse then the now defunct and discredited South African model.

No matter what Israel says, how it spins it, and no matter what its international sponsors say these are fundamental facts. Here are some other facts. One, Israel boarded a boat carrying a Nobel Peace Prize winner, former politicians and prominent people from Europe and the United States and others moved by the unbearable suffering of the Palestinians.

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