Iran Aims for the Stars and Military Strength

Iran has assembled the largest, most diverse ballistic-missile arsenal in the Gulf and Middle East, according to a new analysis by the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

While the Islamic Republic insists that its missile development is entirely defensive in nature there is little doubt that its capabilities are increasing rapidly.

A new medium-range, solid-propellant missile, the Sajjil (Baked Clay) constitutes a major leap forward with a potential capability to deliver a 750 kg warhead a distance of 2,200 km.

The Sajjil’s exact purpose is as yet unclear. In a detailed study of the country’s growing ballistic missile capabilities, the IISS notes that Iran is the only country to have developed a missile of such reach without first having developed nuclear weapons.

The stepping up of missile development comes as the US is attempting to co-ordinate sanctions against Tehran with the aim is of obtaining more disclosure from Iran over its nuclear programme and an end to any attempts to translate this to weapons development.


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