Israel’s International Piracy and Terror

As expected by many, the serial terrorist
Israeli army attacked on
May 31st 2010, the “Freedom Flotilla” ships with gas bombs and live
fire, murdering at least 19 humanitarian international activists, 16 of
them Turks including one MP, and injuring 29 others. The Israeli navy,
then, kidnapped the 700 humanitarian activists and their ships to

Since the declaration by the humanitarian activists that they intend
to challenge the illegal Israeli siege of Gaza in order to deliver
humanitarian aid to starved and sick Palestinian civilians, the Israeli
officials and military had threatened to intercept the Freedom Flotilla,
and send the activists back. When activists insisted on going through
with their journey Israelis declared that such journey is considered a
provocation to Israeli laws and a threat to its security. Later on, the
Israelis announced that the organizers of the flotilla are pro-Hamas and
pro-Al Qaeda terrorists attempting to smuggle weapons to Gaza, and that
every passenger on the flotilla is a potential terrorist. I wonder if
this includes the Israeli citizens who joined the flotilla volunteers.

The Israeli attack against the Freedom Flotilla was pre-meditated
and pr- planned by the Israeli military headed by its defense minister,
Ehud Barak, and approved by its prime minister, Netanyahu. Five large
tents were erect… >>>

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