All the Time Wasted on Brazil

“Brazil meticulously respects the sanctions imposed by the U.N. Security Council against Iran,” says Brazilian Foreign Minister Celso Amorim. “If there are sanctions, even if Brazil is not in favor, we’re going to respect them.” Unappealing comments, considering that many political observers anticipate a vote of abstention by Brazil, Turkey, and Lebanon against another round of sanctions against Iran. Brazil’s compliance with international laws and regulations is definitely understandable—and that is one thing this country has to observe as it aspires to become the next world power—but what is the necessity in voicing support for UNSC sanctions before they are even approved?

With the wisdom of hindsight, the Tehran Summit –and its fruit, the heavily publicized Tehran Declaration- appears to have been a hasty measure. Tehran’s initiative to gain the upper hand and dictate to the West the next step actually backfired, depriving it even from Moscow’s already suspect support. Wisdom of hindsight again: wouldn’t it be better if Ahmadinejad had abstained from criticizing the Russians when the fate of the new U.S.-backed sanctions hangs in the balance?


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