The elephant that is to become Manoochehr

Every Iranian even with a minimum of interest for Iranian literature has listened or seen Sahr-e Ghesse. I had listened to it again (again) last week and last night after having heard the “tough” new sanctions on Iran, it occurred to me that the elephant and its fate resemble a lot that of the US.

US is also surrounded by so-called friends (Europeans, Russians, Chinese, Indians, etc.) who encourage her to silly acts and stupid deeds, things that in the long run only hurt herself. Russia covertly transfers S300 technology to Iran so Iran can produce it on its own, then Russia goes along with toothless sanctions that prohibit the sale of the system to Iran and at the same time keeps American companies out of Iran for the 31th year. And the Europeans and Chinese get all the high tech contracts while cheering the US for more sanctions.

It is only a matter of time before this elephant also becomes a Manoochehr. No tusks and no glory. Just a gray blob. Could probabely get a job in circus…

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