Sanctions & war: useless. Shock & Awe Targeted Assasinations: Fruitful

Given the current anti-Iran climate in the US Capitol and with the midterm elections nearing in November 2010, Iranians in exile should focus on seeking promises from their representative to introduce legislation that would authorize the US President once again to conduct targetted assasinations against members of terror sponsoring governments.

Neither sanctions nor war would be of any benefit. When the Iranian leadership anounces that the US LOST because they failed to achieve a unanimous decision at the UN Security Council, you know you are dealing with a government that has a Saddam Hussein mentality. Saddam Hussein maintained that he won the first Gulf War because the US did not remove him from power, even though that was not the objective. Hassan Nasrallah says that he Won the 2006 war, even though over 1100 Lebanese died compared to 120 Israelis and Lebanon was flattened and he (Nasrallah) has gone into hiding.

The only way to bring true international pressure is to give the US President the power to order tagetted assasinations. Surgical strikes on nuclear facilities will be pointless. Surgical Strikes on the first three rows of the Friday Prayer Sermon in Tehran University will be the “Shock & Awe” needed to discipline an arrogant government which considers freedom and liberty a red line for its citizens but wants no red lines when it comes to international relations.

Isn’t funny how the Iranian government assumes subversive activities by individuals doing their jobs like Roxanna Saberi or Zahra Kazemi (why are you taking pictures? You must be a spy even if there is no evidence) but expects the international community to base its judgement of Iranian nuclear activities simply by the hard evidence? What good for the goose is good for the gander!

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