Regime change-for-fun scenario

Let me know how you see it.

Suppose that you have a democratic government in place that allows freedom of press. The press begins to make accusations about your government and more and more press release confirm those claims. The government in return creates a public station where they answer to those claims. Western media and those internal critics laugh at those explanations as propaganda. At the mean time, there are many pro and anti government media that pops out. Each points their figures at the other for being anti Iran, pro west, anti west, etc.

Internally, many local groups and some ethnic groups take advantage of the new freedom and begin their press for separating their land from motherland. To those separatists government is perceived as weak since it can’t silence their voice.

The laws are not followed; the government enforces laws by putting more enforcement officers on the view.

Politically groups from different political ideology begin to think that if they don’t get the power, they may never be allowed. The fight for political power increases. No party dares to allow a foreign watch for the next election.

Some internally begin to warn the system that they are many paid agents among them, their job is explained, to make certain that the system in place is acting on behalf of foreign governments. Suspicion begins to form all around the system. The forces that are milder vs. those who are radical separate from one another. The papers are now blamed depending on which side they take.

The temporary government realizes that they need to create calm. The number one requirement of freedom and democracy is the law and obedience to it. They simply warn papers to stop claiming unfounded accusations and begin an office to control the content of those media input/output.

Military will begin its operations against chaotic region and the area will be “temporarily” under the control of the “temporary” central government. To control crimes/hate crimes against other parties or members of the system, the central government brings in a network of information gathering body.

Depending of which site the temporary government leans toward; different opposition forces for “generating” false news attack the media. Groups begin to warn the central system that if they are unable to deal with this none sense, they will step in and form their own government.

On the other side of the border, where the members of foreign officers hold their meeting, they are discussing the events that are taking place in Iran. They conclude that if a democratic system establishes in the country, which might not be responsive to Western concerns, it might cause hassles in the long run. After all, they do not want another IR type system in place. They put aside hundreds of million to assure the next system is what they agree with…

…Media claims that the new government is corrupt and is following the backward ideas of the previous regime. Some radical papers begin to ask the public to react to anti Islamic movement in the country, while others warn the public of pro Islamic groups taking power back. To calm the situation the multiparty (assuming) temporary system bans those media. Gradually people tired of uncertainty and lack of security; begin to ask the system to step up their role in controlling events. Some of the powerful information gathering institution are turned for profit and take advantage of the chaos. Some important members of the government are shot and killed.

Those in power realize that they have an opportunity to establish a system that they are in charge of. They already have all the ingredients in place. They form a group to take out powerful rivals. The other side of government hears of this possible actions and loudly accuses the system of a coup against democracy and freedom…All those who think independently are terrorized and out of the picture… Many members of demolished party run to other countries to save their lives. Papers declare the “Spies have ran away”…

Two main options remain:

-A militaristic and pro order system

-Continue on the path and see what comes out of it.

The loop has begun…

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