We know Iran is the Next Target

Brazil and Turkey are on the high moral ground regarding Iran’s right to enrichment, their right to a civilian nuclear power generation capability, and their right to insist the Great Powers get off their case. Great Powers seem to have a thing for Dual-track approaches to issues they determine are in their ‘spheres of influence’. The Dual-track 100 years ago were the stated policies of Great Britain, Russia, and France. The inside track was a number of secret treaties and agreements whereby these ‘great powers’ carved up the world for their own greedy rapaciousness. On the outside, they were bringing ‘order’ and ‘civilization’ to backward countries (they said). On the inside track they were in reality the equivalent of international organized crime gangs.
Ironically, where 100 years ago the US attempted to be the champion of the ‘little guys’ like Persia, and step up to the plate and challenge those Great Powers who simply wanted nothing to do with helping ordinary Persians, but rather to squeeze them unmercifully, the US State Department facilitated the hiring by Iran (Persia) of a very special American gentleman by the name of William Morgan Shuster, who with a team of Americans helped the Persian fledgling democracy, (with Islamic overtones, just as in those days we were a democracy with Christian overtones), to get their fiscal house in order so that they could be their own country. Mr. Shuster and his team started to succeed at the job, taxes started to flow to the Persian treasury rather than to the Russians and Great Britain, and they forced him to leave. See “The strangling of Persia” William Morgan Shuster, (digitized by Google) for an eye-opening read.
Today the US/Israel, Great Britain, Russia, France and Germany are the modern ‘entente’ bringing devastation and destruction to the ‘little guys’, with no conscience whatsoever, with no care for apparent contradictions or hypocrisy, just as those other guys were doing a hundred years ago, and the people of Brazil and Turkey, and their leaders, are looking at realities with common sense, openness, fairness, and a sense that international law exists to be followed, not trampled upon, by those who think they can, with impunity.
For more information on what went on with those Great Powers running the show, take a look at “the New Map of Asia 1900 – 1919” by Herbert Adams Gibbons, another digitized book.

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