Invasion of the Mind Snatchers

Since the beginning of Iranian uprising in June 2009, we have been witnessing the growing rash of Iranian oppositions outside the country joining the green movement, which was initially led by Mir Hossein Mousavi. Assured at first by the Mousavi’s vague messages, that the case could be nothing but “collective obsessional behavior”, soon it was discovered that these people’s brainpowers are in fact being reformed to adopt certain mode of demeanor similar to those persons who are under hypnotic cue. The mentality of this group, whom I refer to as green puppets, has been impaired by the later announcement of the Mousavi’s path of hope, which seeks reform regime within the custody context of Islamic government and the Guardian Council.

Among these green puppets highly educated men and women from creditable U.S. colleges, dressed up in professional attire, are seen who in this age of cyberspace truly believe that a democratic style of life can all be possible within the framework of Islamic Constitutional law and the Guardian Council infrastructure. Green puppets are indistinguishable from the rest of the opposition groups, except for their utter lack of discernment. The growth of this increasingly populous group, like seeding in a fertile soil, has readily been productive, over the course of a year its spectrum has surprisingly expanded over the whole planet earth.

Green puppets have rooted in every corner of the society from public offices and private sectors to school campuses, and beyond. They work together as mind snatchers to secretly spread their subliminal messages among the public in order to replace the entire society of Iranian oppositions into green. As such it has caused a major rift between this so-called green group and the bona fide oppositions who stand for nothing less than the annihilation of the IRI regime. It can not be denied that the former group is more organized, consistent, and united in their activities in particular when it comes to rallies and demonstrations to show their support for the Iranian movement inside the country but only for the wrong cause.

Behind this epidemic hypnotic outgrowth of green puppets we find the trace of puppet masters, which have tied into some human right organizations. International human rights organizations collaborate with partner organizations and NGOs, advocate lobbying for funds from wealthy countries, and monitor compliance by states with the increasingly explicit obligations, including core obligations to craft the filtered strategies to fulfill protections of human rights. The number of internationally operating NGOs is estimated at 40,000. While they claim maintaining its non-governmental status by excluding government representatives from membership in the organization, they are funded totally or partially by governments. There is a long list of the types of NGOs, these include: DONGO, CONGO, INGO, BINGO, to name a few. GONGOs are government-operated NGOs, which have been set up by governments to look like NGOs in order to qualify for outside aid or promote the interests of the government in question.

The majority of the rallies outside Iran, which were held in support of Iranian national movement inside the country across the globe last year and also this year on June 12, 2010 for its anniversary, have been sponsored and coordinated by aforementioned International Human Right Organizations, such as International Campaign for Human Rights, Solidarity with Iran, Unity for Iran, etc. In these rallies participants were nothing more than puppets to the puppet masters, who have given them all the instructions of how to unfold the event based on the prescheduled filtered strategies. As was expected, there was a unique harmony among the activities of all these rallies across the world; if used, they all used the same green scroll strategy to say “Ahmadinejad is not our president”. From their last year green scroll ceremonies they’ve even made video clips to show the use of Quran Sourah to remind those who act unjustly [refer to Ahmadinejad] of the punishment. They all have also used the same voices and messages in their rallies such as: freedom for political prisoners, stop executions, fraudulent election, etc.

The master puppets work for and paid by their foreign rulers, but how about these green puppets? Don’t they know that the only message such rallies can signal to the world is that we people of Iran do not deserve any better than being ruled by Mousavi presidency under an Islamic constitution and a Guardian Council Supreme Leader?!

For the last 3 decades there hasn’t been such a thing as an election in Iran. Presidency candidates are selected by the Guardian Council and the Supreme Leader. The main legitimacy condition to be considered as a candidate to run for presidency is loyalty to the Islamic regime. Mousavi, in his 17th statement, admitted to such loyalty of his and furthermore announced that any reform will only be possible within the framework of Islamic Guardian Council.

The protest in Iran started with the alleged reason of dissatisfaction with the election results, however the movement became quite radical very quickly and people started chanting “Mousavi is an excuse the entire regime is targeted”, “Death to the Islamic Regime”, and “independence, freedom, Iranian republic”.

Today the issue at the forefront of Iranian politics is not the election results, it is Regime Change. Unfortunately, such internationally organized rallies of green puppets run by puppet masters will only serve to strengthen the reformist stand rather than help the grounds for “Regime Change”.

On behalf of Genuine Iranian Oppositions

Mansur Rastani

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