It’s Not About Silencing You, It’s About Hypocrisy and It’s About Priorities

We have heard, ad nauseam–and in blog after blog—from users who identify themselves as Iranians that they are being “silenced” for speaking out about what happened with the Gaza aid ship.  They complain that they are talking about human rights and “racist Iranians” are trying to silence them.  So, let’s set the record straight, and teach these poor “Iranians” who suffer from their manufactured outrage where we—the seemingly “racist Iranians”—come from.

First, no one is silencing you.  Your blogs about Gaza, and the ones crying about not being able to write enough about Gaza (which by the way is not true) were all on the “most discussed” list.  All the bolgs were featured and you had more than ample opportunity to beat your chests for Gaza until kingdom come.  You can write more blogs if you want to.  But bear in mind that you’re writing on a free forum, and people have the right to point out your hypocrisy to you.  Plus, Iranians are smart people.  We have and uncanny ability to spot BS when we see it, and believe me, your crocodile tears are nothing but BS.   

Second, the problem with you is that you claim to be an Iranian.  You claim to be citizens of a country where for the past 31 years people have been tortured, executed en mass, jailed and sent into exile by a brutal dictatorship.  But let’s put 30 years of it aside.  For the past year, Iranians have been shot on the streets, jailed, raped, tortured and executed.  Every human rights organization on the planet has condemned and has spoken out against these crimes.  But none of the users here on this site who has been blogging and crying for the nine Turks who were killed on the Gaza ship has EVER voiced an outrage against those crimes, which leads to the main problem:  if you bunch are really Iranian, then you should worry about the affairs of your own homeland before you worry about affairs of other countries.  Yes, there are crimes against humanity happening all over the world, and we can be concerned about those crimes.  But if your own country is one of the ones with the worst human rights records on the planet—and you never complain about that—but you write blog after blog about Gaza and Palestine, we have every right to point out that hypocrisy and call you on it.  It’s kind of like someone who has a sick child, but never takes that child to see a doctor, but donates money to a free clinic for other children.  That’s what you people are like.  That’s why you get criticized, and you deserve every bit of that criticism. 

A small example of what I am talking about is that when this whole Gaza thing was going on, the IRI—true to form, and in order to take advantage of the world media’s attention to that event—executed 13 Iranians in cold blood.  I posted that link on all the “most viewed” blogs about Gaza.  How many responses and claims of outrage did I get from the chest beaters?  You guessed it: zero!   Again, you’re either not Iranians, or if you are Iranians, as you claim to be, then you should get your own country’s affairs in order, or at least care about them, and then be outraged about nine Turks who get killed on the Gaza bound ship.  If your priorities are otherwise, then you are a hypocrite.

Lastly, this whole Israel / Palestine conflict has been IRI’s main propaganda tool.  It commits crimes against humanity when it comes to the Iranian people, but does what you folks do here: cry crocodile tears for the Palestinians (which-BTW, it doesn’t get a rat’s behind about either).  So, you bunch doing displaying your fake outrage here reminds the rest of us of what the IRI does, and we point that out to you.  Now, if you don’t like that comparison, all I can say is that it’s a cruel world out there.  Get used to it.            

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