Iran hangs terrorists supported by USA and India

It is amazing that a terror group using murder and mayhem is not on
the US terror list. In fact the front page story in the New York times
doesn’t even have the word “terror” or “terrorist” in it. The US
Congress had allocated $450 million to instigate Iranains against the
government. Support for Jundullah and Mujahideen a Khalq were part and
parcel of the funding. Jundullah is headquartered in Tel Aviv and is
Israel’s answer to Hizbullah and Hamas. The Jundullah Rigi met with the
Indian Ambassador in Kabul and on his way out of Afghanistan was
arrested by the Pakistanis and handed over to the Iranians. His brother
was dealt in the same manner and will meet the same fate.

Where are the drones which bomb those who harbor and provide succor
to the Jundallah terrorists. Where is the UN report listing the evil
doers of Jundallah? Why is the world silent on the murderous Junduallah?

hanged a rebel leader, Abdul-Malik Rigi, on Sunday morning after a
revolutionary court found him guilty of 79 criminal charges, the ISNA
news agency reported.

Mr. Rigi was identified as the founder and leader of the Jundallah
group in southeastern Iran, near the border with Afghanistan and >>>

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