Test to predict menopause age a step nearer

Doctors are a step closer to accurately
predicting the age at which a woman will hit the menopause.

A 12-year Iranian study of 266 women found it was possible to
pinpoint the age of menopause by measuring levels of a hormone called

If proven in further studies, it potentially means women
could have more control over when to start a family.

It could be particularly useful for identifying women who may
have an early menopause, experts said.

AMH controls the development of follicles in the ovaries from
which eggs develop.

The idea of using the hormone to help predict fertility is
not a new one.

Tests are already available to look at “ovarian reserve”,
which indicates if menopause is imminent.

But this is the first time researchers have worked out a
formula for linking AMH levels in younger women with future age of

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The issue where we would have a concern is
if people become too reassured by this

Stuart Lavery
British Fertility Society

In the study 266 women aged between 20 and 49 were monitored
through blood samples and physical ex… >>>

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