Irandokht, NJ math teacher

This is Irandokht with an English deficiency; please do not mistake me for the other Irandokht who speaks quite perfect English. It was about one year ago that I wrote my first blog, some of you criticized me for my English skills and some of you were kind enough to support me, but anyway thank you all even though I do not know who you are!

Those who have problem with people with an English deficiency please disregard this blog.

In continuation of my story (first blog), finally I was successful to find an attorney to file my complaint in the federal court of NJ against my employer and NJEA (NJ teachers’ union). The first attorney who I retained reflected just 1/10 of the facts on the complaint, tampered with the evidences and then walked away easily and what can I say about the second attorney? It seems the power of golden law is much more than the power of law (if it seems fishy to you, please check the PACER).

I was listening to President Obama’s Nowruz 2010 message for Iranian nation and I have also recorded voices of NJEA’s attorney, Nancy Oxfeld (one of the defendants) whose voice was recorded by me when she was telling me that I am a foreigner, I do not have any right to be treated like others and to be treated fairly in my job environment; I do not have any right to be treated with dignity and decency…when I had gone to NJEA’s office to ask for help regarding my employer’s discriminatory actions against me! These two messages contradict each other, I do not know which one I should believe, since my second attorney says whatever Oxfeld (NJEA’s attorney) has said is legal and the truth.

Not to mention that Oxfeld’s attorney has denied that Oxfeld has made the above comments toward me in his response to my complaint, when this attorney has these recorded voices in his possession (they were given to him in the initial discovery)! I AM SO CONFUSED!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately, it seems that it is hard to get justice. I am not that naïve not to be able to understand that NJEA is able to conspire with everybody and every group (including my employer) to do illegal things even against its members and then use the golden law to get away with it and I am not back to ask you “to start petition on my behalf” as Ali P commented my blog last year or ask for your pity feelings. I am here to see if someone is out there who knows law and willing to help me to end this painful experience.

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