Islamist Herpes

It seems Islamism is akin to Herpes; it is never cured and even if dormant might breakout at any moment. Examples of this phenomena is abound, the latest being that of Mr. Atta –o-Allah Mohajerani, the former Minister in IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic during the “presidency” of charlatan Khatami.

Apparently during a recent question and answer session held in London where the former Minister and his politically active Islamist wife prefer to reside, all of a sudden Mr. Mohajerani’s Islamist Herpes virus became hot again.

He is reported to have said those who for the past thirty years have been against the revolution, have opposed the regime, have opposed the “late Imam Khomeini”, have opposed the institution of the clergy can continue with their opposition. But, they cannot make any claim on the “Green Movement.”

It should be noted that Mr. Minister is the brother in law of stateside the Mr. Kadivar who was recently caught red-handed trying to Islamistize the Iranians’ slogan “neither Gaza, or Lebanon, I give my life to Iran”.

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