Khatami and Mousavi meet, demand end to security atmosphere

Seyyed Mohammad Khatami and Mir Hossein Mousavi in a meeting while exchanging views regarding the domestic and international events and the situation of the country in the past year, emphasized on the continuation of civil and legal activities to fulfill people’s rights. In this meeting both parties stressed that firm guarantee for the release of political prisoners, the opening and normalization of the current restricted and security atmosphere, elimination of the obstacles facing the political and cultural activities of the various groups and parties that are in line with the true values of the Islamic Republic and in the framework of the constitution as well as holding free and fair elections were the basic necessities to change the current crisis dominating the country.

In the joint meeting of Mir Hossein Mousavi and Seyyed Mohammad Khatami, both parties while condemning the new UN security Council resolution and the imposed new sanctions against Iran, called that an action against the national security of Iran and by pointing to the concurrency of this resolution with the empowering of the terrorist groups and their resumption of activities in the west called it a new conspiracy against Iran, terrorist groups who have the blood of the innocent people of Iran on their hands and have no place among the nation and are a group of dead who have been buried in hatred in the minds of the Iranian people; although the wrong official propaganda and ps…

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