Open season on Iranians

Eleven years ago tomorrow, during the “Presidency” of the charlatan Khatami, the savage Islamist Rapist forces attacked the University campus committing what the Islamist excel at, hurting, maiming and killing Iranians, particularly the brighter ones.

Ever since then that anniversary has been observed by the freedom loving Iranians and students, usually involving more opportunity for the barbaric Islamists to hurt more Iranians.

I solemnly hope tomorrow no demonstrations are held inside occupied Iran for it is open season on Iranians for the Islamist Rapists.

The solution to  getting rid of the Islamist menace does not require more invaluable Iranian lives being frivolously wasted. The weaponized nuke acquiring Islamist Rapist Republic is a global problem requiring global solution.

Once the sane world announces its determination to do something about the clear and present danger, then given the needed material support the brave Iranians will do the heavy lifting and overthrow IRR.

Till such time arrives, no more aimless sacrifices by freedom loving Iranians.  Please stay home tomorrow.

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