was he really saying something?

“He was Really Saying Something” covered by Bananarama, 1982.
The three guys in the video are from the Fun Boy 3.

I was walking down the street
When this boy started following me
Now I ignored all the things he said
He moved me in every way

With his collar unbuttononed
On my side he was struttin’

He was really saying something
(Saying something)
Really saying something
(Saying something)
Bop bop shoo be do-wah
Bop bop shoo be do-wah

He flirted every step of the way
I could hear every word he’d say
My resistance was getting low
And my feelings started to show

My heart started thumpin’
Blood pressure jumpin’

He walked me to my door
I agreed to see him once more
Lady like it may not be
But he moved me tremendously

Although he was bold
My heart he stole

Original by Motown’s the Velvettes (1964)

Bananarama’s official site: http://www.bananarama.co.uk/

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