Raising Quran on Spears

If you had paid attention to the speeches or articles written by the clerics who belong to the oligarchic ruling class in IR ( prior to Ahmadinejad ) since last year, you will notice that they all agree that there is an ongoing conspiracy which has not been eliminated. Through historical facts ( some centuries old ) they openly say that they are worried to witness ” The Quran on spears “.

The significance of such terminology lies in the history of Islam. What it really means is that they believe the real danger is not coming from those who are traditionally the enemy of IR, but those who belong to IR and were grown with IR and islamic ideology ( Khodi haaye monharef ).

How did we get here?

Three decades ago, the majority of Iranians who dreamed about a moral utopia, followed a revolutionary cleric with extensive political credentials. This utopia never materialised. Different political groups ( Marxists, secular, nationalists, democrats ) started to ask difficult questions from the clergies who could not provide the correct answers. Regardless of who was asking or demanding, the clergies followed two approaches to address the issues;

1- All demands and questions were cross checked by Quran and the sharia laws and they argued only through religion our problems would be solved.

2- Based on the same Sharia Laws, they pushed aside ( eliminated ) many who were demanding and asking difficult questions.

As a direct result of such policies, the clergies lost the unconditional support ( from all social classes) they had enjoyed at the early stages of revolution. The only group still loyal ( by hope or fear ) to the ruling clergy class were the muslim population ( Practicing Muslims ). This last group or segment of our society still had hopes for the utopia promised by our religious leaders.

People witnessed that years after the end of war, despite the brutal elimination of the oppositions by the ruling clergy class, and inspite of our vast resources, the report card on an Iran ruled by the religious clergies is a failure both politically and economically.

The last group standing ( The practicing muslims ) are starting to ask the same difficult questions again ( very similar to early revolution ).

What can the ruling clergy class do?

When they dealt with marxists, they called them ” Kafar” or infidels. When they were dealing with a clergy who was advocating separation of religion and politics, they labeled him advocate of “American Islam”. When dealing with a liberal democrat, they labeled them ” westernized”.

But what would you do with those who grew up listening to your lectures and speeches in the mosques?  Can you call them Kafar??

When the Qurans are raised, they will ask ;  Are these the words of God or do you speak on his behalf?  which one?!

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