Iran & Israel die!

“There are two countries in the world that do not deserve to exist: Iran and Israel.”

No, the above quote is different than the one Arab Ba’athists champion which dictates two things deserve to be crushed, mosquitoes and Iranians.

Saddam Hussein, as one of the followers of Michel Aflag created Ba’thism, tried his best to annihilate Iranians–and if it wasn’t for Israel destroying his Osirak nuke factory he would have succeeded.

Le Figaro reports in a meeting on 5th of June 2010, with French Defense Minister the above quote was uttered by Abdullah, the King of Saudi Arabia.

Could their desire to wipe Iran and Israel off the map be stated anymore clearer?

Any more questions about why Iran & Israel are natural strategic allies?

BTW, how much money Iranian travelers pump into Arabia’s economy each and every year?

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