The Empty Page

It taunts me

Challenging me as I stare

A second, a minute and an hour passes by

Yet, I remain silenced by its presence

Oh, how it does torment my soul!

My mind wonders to a better place

A place of joy and comfort

How I long to be there now!

Yet again, I am reminded of the one

My tormenter waits for me

I must complete the task

Only then will I be free again

So, I undertake the task

I pick up my instrument

Finally, the words begin to flow

Dearest one, my heart is breaking

Please forgive me

I cannot be your love

The time has come to continue on my path

Forever you will be in my heart

Finally the page is filled

No more does the empty page torment me so

As I gaze upon my words

The depth of my pain takes hold of me

How can I hurt my love?

Why do I feel as though my heart is bleeding?

It bleeds for him

The life is draining from me now

I begin to feel so numb

The rooster begins to crow

I wake from my dream

As I walk towards my desk, I see the one

My tormentor still waits for me

To write upon it words of pain and sorrow

I have decided not to turn away from love

So the empty page remains

No longer does it taunt me

My story is yet unwritten

I am the captain of my destiny



Copyright © Latina


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