The invasion of Iran

Before anyone of the recent converts into ultra-patriotism, the lobbyist, Islamist and lefty type, get hot under their new collar, it must be said advocating invasion and/or occupation of Iran, to say the least, is counterproductive.

But lets assume it nevertheless takes place and the invaders/occupiers:

1-Plunder Iran’s wealth and drive the economy into the ground.

2- Savagely lash and murder unarmed civilians forcing millions of Iranians to flee the country.  

3-Brutally extinguish any peaceful dissent.

4-sexually abuse Iranian men, women and children,

Wait a minute, isn’t that what the Islamist Rapist Republic has been doing to Iran and Iranians for the past thirty one years?

If it is, then why do they get a pass and asking for help to repel them is said to be against Iran’s “independence”?

What is so wrong with asking for material help to overthrow the homegrown invaders just like American, French, Poles and many others did to free themselves from tyranny?

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