EMINENT PERSIANS: Paris Memorial for Ostaad Shojaeddin Shafa (July 13th,2010)

A memorial  was held in Paris, in memory of academic Shodjaedin Shafa , at France’s Ministry of Culture, on July 13th in presence of Shahbanou Farah, Prince Golam Reza Pahlavi ( The Shah’s brother), Hadi Khorsandi, Cyrus Amouzegar, Daryoush Shafa ( his son), Pierre Lecoq, Manoutcher Razmara and France Minister of Culture Frederic Mitterand.

Born in Qom, Iran in 1918 He studied Persian Literature before being Specialized in Literature and Philosophy at the Universities of Beirute and Paris. Shodjaedin Shafa translated many European authors ranging from Goethe to Andre Gide, Dante and was in charge of the National Pahlavi Library in Tehran, Iran before the Revolution. He studied in France and was confered honerary doctorates from various universities and academies in Rome, Moscow, Madrid and Vienna.

(Official Family Website of Ostaad Shojaeddin Shafa )

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