ISRAEL: IDF soldiers step on toes while dancing in the streets of Hebron


On the day the army announced the
of several soldiers for actions carried out during
Operation Cast Lead in Gaza — including one for manslaughter — a
number of Israeli soldiers were found guilty of another transgression: goofin’

Six soldiers filmed a clip showing
them in full gear patrolling the streets of Hebron, the Muslim call to
prayer audible in the background. The soundtrack changes to Kesha’s pop
hit “Tik Tok” and the soldiers break out — weapons, flak jackets and
all — in a choreographed dance, a spoof on a long-since-viral Israeli
television skit.

Soldiers have been in trouble before for
offensive photography, including trophy pictures taken over corpses. In
this case, there were no casualties — except perhaps some national and
institutional pride.

The video was upload… >>>

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