MOSSAD, CIA Involved in Massacre of Iraqi Scientists

An Iraqi news agency has revealed the massacre of Iraqi scientists
by the Zionist regime and the US spying agencies, Mossad and CIA.

Based on new data gathered about the death of a famous Iraqi
chemist, Mohammad Al-Azmirli, he was detained by US forces in the year
2003. He is one of the most well-known chemists, worldwide.

This professor taught at Baghdad University, prior to his detention
on April 26, 2003. The US forces seized all his books and his computer,
and thereafter set his library on fire.

With the completion of the Americans’ investigations about this
Iraqi chemist, he was handed over to the Zionist regime’s spying agency
for further interrogations.

According to this Iraqi news agency, this Iraqi chemist was tortured
during interrogations and was killed due to a blow to his head. His
corpse was later transferred to Abu Ghraib Prison in a bid to conceal
the details of his murder.

Based on this report, four other Iraqi physicists have also been
killed by the Zionist regime and US spying agencies in Iraq.



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