We will continue to shield Israel, militarily and diplomatically, U.S. official says

so reiterated the U.S. conviction to defend Israel in the diplomatic
arena, saying that, “as U.S. President Barack Obama] pledged, we will
continue U.S. efforts to combat all international attempts to challenge
the legitimacy of Israel—including and especially at the United

“Our two countries have a long and extraordinary friendship, going
back to the moment that President Truman made the United States the very
first country to recognize the State of Israel—11 minutes after it
declared its independence,” Rice said.

Referring to recent attempts to jumpstart the stalling peace process
The U.S. envoy to the UN also said that in the wake of Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu’s ” recent meeting with President Obama, we will
continue to work together to seek a lasting and comprehensive peace,
that meets Israel’s security needs and creates a viable, sovereign
Palestinian state.”

On the subject of the outgoing Israeli ambassador to the UN, Rice
praised Shalev’s work, saying that while “being the American Ambassador
to the United Nations isn’t always easy…being Israeli’s Ambassador to
the United Nations is never easy.”

“But Gabi and I had the opportunity to work closely together on a
series of important issues, from dealing with the deeply flawed
Goldstone Report to seeing through … >>>

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