Dicking around

In its Saturday’s issue Washington Post spells out a few more details about Shahram Amiri, the “nuclear scientist” who went back to IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic including the exsistance of “CIA’s National Resettlement Operations Center in the United States”.

In the murky world of intelligence operations truth always lies somewhere between the north and south poles. But in the meantime at times like this when the opposing sides, for reasons of their own including damage control and implanting doubts on the credibility of sources, make calculated leaks, one can get a peek at their world.

If what Washington Post reports is anywhere close to the truth, then the entire sixteen or so American  intelligence organizations making up the “intelligence Community” which dig out data for NIA, the National Intelligence Estimate,  have got a lot of explaining to do. 


Apparently, again according to the recent “leaks”, it is hinted that one of the primary sources in the infamous Bush era NIE report in which it was claimed IRR had stopped its nuke weaponization program some years back was non other than the perpetually defecting “nuclear scientist” Shahram Amiri.

Although NIC, the National Intelligence Council, the organization which puts out the NIA tried to backtrack from that report and later came out with a totally contradictory one with an escape clause as a caveat, nevertheless it shows what buffoonery a bunch of highly paid government bureaucrats are capable of.

KIC, the Keystone Intelligence Council is a more apt acronym than anything else, what a waste of tens of billions of taxpayer dollars.   



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