If you think Shah was bad, and the mullahs are worse, Just Wait…

If you think the Shah was a self-serving autocratic bastard, and the current mullahs are worse — a bunch of Arabic speaking Khalifehs who belong to the stone ages, not recognizing the necessity of separation of mosque and state — then wait, the worst is coming soon

Some “Idi-Amin-look-alike” General of the Revolutionary Guard is going to make a “soft coup d’etat” and send the Mullahs with dignity back to Qom, the Vatican of Iran, where they belong.  Next, the new hero General of Iran, will throw parties in his HQ, serving the head of his enemies as Kaleh-PAcheh for dinner, and having the blood of “the traitors” as drinks — just like Idi Amin did.  Now, would that be a conspiracy of the British, Americans, or the Chinese/Russians?

Isn’t it amazing that after 100 years of huge oil and natural gas resources, Iran is just another 3rd world country, importing gasoline for idiots’ consumption.  Ah, you thought over 60% of American voters were stupid, take a second look at Iranian voters.



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