The Real Score

In light of the ‘Mujaheddin 1, America 0″ blog, and the hype that it has created, and the potpourri of ideas that has flowed forth, I would like to remind all the readers that while we were at each others’ throats on such subjects as ‘Persian vs. Farsi’ and what colours and design are suitable for the national flag, or discussions over the origins of the poet Rumi, not to mention the fact that we were totally immersed in accusing each other of being paid agents of this or that, the MKO was able to organize a diplomatic course throughout Europe, in order to establish itself as a viable alternative to the bloody system of clergy rule.The MKO was able to organize one of the biggest political demonstrations in Paris while the gathering in New York organized by the tv personality flag seller resulted in scuffles and loss of face. 

In my opinion, the big loser in this saga is no other than Prince Reza Pahlavi, who should have been able to show some leadership now by issuing a statement regarding the removal of the terrorist status of the MKO.

Therefore, let’s agree on an alternative score line:

Camp Ashraf:1

Camp Potomac, MD: 0

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