The system of the world has a plan for us. Separation

 The system colonialism of the world had a plan for us. About our brothers and sisters of Azerbaijan. There are may be about also ten million people who are half Pars and half Azeri? What can they do? In Iran there are a lot of pure races, like Persian, or Azeri. But millions of people are also mixed. That is a new way of colonist that they want separate the people through languages, accent, clothes, religions, the different customs and even sex. Now fundamentalist, half fundamentalists, with bread, with moustache, very white, yellow white, fat, not fat, tall, short, women, virgins, not virgins, rich, middle class, poor, Bahai, Shia, Sunni, Dervish, Softies, west influenced, east influenced, traditional, modern, academic, nice, greedy, loving and not loving….you see we can divide the people in many different group and train each group be against the other group and if possible kill them. That is what the colonialism system are doing now very good in our countries. In the Middle Eastern countries we have a lot of different people, but these differences are much less than the differences in USA, they are one country and we are a lot of small countries and still they are trying to divide us. Do you think all German is the same? Or all black people are the same? They have also the differences as we do. We should be united and respect each other thinking, language and religions. That is the only way to be free and independent, the dictator ship and force to believe and force to change do not help at all. We should be free and accept the majority govern. Like in many other countries we should live and try to help to build more universities, create more work and be advance in sport and other activities like advanced countries.

I think in USA more different people are living than as Iran. We should do the same thing. Like in USA, respect our people, their religions, their customs and their language, but one national language, the language of the majority. Our country is divided many times, many Iranian are living in other countries. We should be united again. Like United States of Turan and Iran or of Middle East. Iran is the name of the land and people who are in different countries. Like Pashtons in Khorasan or Aryana. A group of scholar can give the best answer. In many countries in the world many different people are living and the majorities are governing with the help or all other people. Is that not the democracy? The majorities rule and the other people critics and guide.  We should try of save the people who are on drug, have no work, have not enough money and live in poverty. Build school and open modern industry. We should work together and not against each other. We should be fair and if we cannot do a job give that one to other people who can perform much better than we do. With other words that is the plan of the politicians who want to separate us and divide us again, like they did before. We should come together and build a huge powerful federal country, like US or European Union. In Our country now live more than eleven nations and eleven languages or more. Should Iran be again divided into smaller countries that are what the great powers want. Separate and govern.

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