MAN OF HONOR: Egypt’s Anwar El Sadat Say’s Shah Welcome in his country (1980)

Egypt’s Raïs Anwar El Sadat speaks to Journalists of the International Press expressing his intention to greet the Shah and his family asylum and proper medical care in his country. (Cairo, 1980)

Scenes from The Egyptian (1954) directed by Michael Curtiz and Starring Edmund Purdom, Bella Darvi, Jean Simmons, Victor Mature, and Gene Tierney based on Mika Waltari  bestselling novel. It tells the story of Sinhue, a physican who started as an agnostic and then found his way to the One God.

The Egyptian (1954) Iron vs Copper, Worship scene:

The Egyptian (1954), Edmund Purdom, Bella Darvi:

Bella Darvi in the Egyptian (1954):

Bella Darvi, the Egyptian, “The Quarrel” Nefer & Sinuhe:

The Egyptian (1954), Edmund Purdom, Bella Darvi:

Bella Darvi, the Egyptian, “Forgiveness” Nefer & Sinuhe:

NOTE: Persian Ismaeli Prince Aly Khan was a consultant during filming, he was engaged to Gene Tierney 

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