Haven’t they done enough damage to Middle East?

Until the early 20th century, the only interest the West took in the Middle East was either as a religious outpost or as a trade route to be secured by the most economical means.

After Arabs helped the Allies win World War I, however, they were rewarded by Western occupation and the gradual exporting of many Western problems, foremost of which of course has been the setting up of a state for then-destitute Jewish refugees in Palestine.

Today the trail of chaos and destabilization runs from Israel, in the heart of the Middle East, all the way through Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan to Pakistan. To the average eye, it can only look as though the West has purposely become involved in situations across the area for the purpose of destabilizing the region and avoiding the rise of any power capable of challenging Western regional interests. The most obvious signal we see today is Western uproar against potential Iranian nuclear programs, while Israel was quietly and unofficially accepted into the nuclear club years ago.

Of course, President John Kennedy was not too happy when he found out about a secret Israeli nuclear program supported by the French, but America and the Western press rapidly accepted that development after the 1967 War when it became held with some certainty that Israel possessed atomic weapons, or at the least the capability to produce them at very short notice. The mere rumor, however, of an Iraqi bomb — unfounded as it turned out — led t… >>>

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