Are the bombers Al-Qaeda, the CIA or Israel? (videos)

explosions and other types of attacks are a daily uccurrence in Iraq,
despite official rhetoric that violence has subsided. 18 July 2010
reports claim that 43 people were killed and 40 more injured by a
suicide bomber in southwest of Baghdad. Writing this article in May
2010, Christopher King argues that it is likely that the CIA – or Israel
acting on its behalf – is responsible for the recent atrocities in
Iraq, in order to extend and consolidate the occupation, just as it is
probable that the Times Square bomber was, wittingly or otherwise,
acting for the CIA or Israel, to justify the U.S. military intervention
in South Asia.


On 10 May there were more than two dozen bombings and shootings in
Iraq that killed at least 85 people and injured at least 300 []. These were coordinated attacks, clearly by the same organization.

The US response to this and other recent attacks is to delay plans
for withdrawal of troops from Ir…

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