This Week in the News

Monday 8/2: Washington Post columnist on ABC news show ‘This Week,’ calling it “lackluster” and “contrived.”  On the other hand, he loved the “relaxed” and “witty” performance of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the new Judge on American Idol.

Tuesday 8/3:  Former Vice-Presidential candidate and hunting enthusiast Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol called off her engagement for the second time to her babydaddy Levi Johnston, after rumors surfaced that he had secretly become babydaddy to another woman.  I’m sorry, I have no punchline for this.  This story is the punchline.

Wednesday 8/4: A federal judge overturned California’s ban on gay marriagesleaving the door open for Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh to finally make it official.

Thursday 8/5: Air Canada became the target of a vociferous Twitter hate campaign after it destroyed a 10 year old terminally ill boy’s electric wheelchair then balked at replacing it, leading the company’s board members to reconsider “if it was a good idea to hire Satan as our new CEO.”   

Friday 8/6: Niki Tehranchi’ son, SweetPea, the oft-maligned subject of numerous embarrassing blogs by his “no boundaries” mother on this very website, chose to take the high road and celebrated his third birthday with much glee and delight.



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