The neo-con machine at (Fred, Darius Kadivar et al)

I have studied the work tactic of the neo-cons for quite some time, and the case of NIAC has popped up several times due to the immense resources the neo-cons and the Israel lobby have undertaken to destroy this group.

I am in the process of writing a larger article, due to my identification the real identity of Fred and a few others on this forum who constantly attack NIAC and propagate a pro-Israeli agenda. Without revealing too much, I have also identified the New York based PR firm that pays and trains “Fred.” 

in the process of writing this article, I have reached out to a few people, including Dr. Trita Parsi. Having spoken to him just a few days ago in Washington, it is clear to me that he never attended any conference in Tehran. In fact, his quote in the New York Times is very dismissive of the idea of holding such conferences.

But it is a perfect case of how the neo-con machine works. They take a piece of information, take it out of context, add a lot of innuendo and lies to it, then they blast it out via 10-15 different paid bloggers and by that, they work to slowly but surely discredit and destroy any organization that stands in their way. 

For instance, it is clear from the NIAC website that Elaheh Enssani served on the NIAC board 2006-2007. Darius Kadivar, however, on this forum, makes the claim that NIAC removed her from their board the minute this “controversy” occurred.

Kadivar, a self-described monarchist, whose idol Pahlavi has long collaborated with the neo-cons and the Israel lobby, uses a technique the neo-cons call “referenced half-truth”.

It is very effective. You state a half-truth, such as “Ensanni served on the NIAC board but was kicked off as soon as the controversy occurred”. It is a half truth. Ensani did serve on the board, but she hasn’t been on the board for 3 years now. Only half the statement is true – the most important part is a lie.

But you then add a reference – in this case a link.

The reference gives the impression that the statement is backed up with facts. 99% of readers won’t click on the link. And the 1% who do, will usually not pick up the part that isn’t true. As a result, the vast majority of readers will be left with the impression that Kadivar – who clearly knows that he is lying – is speaking the truth and has evidence to back himself up. 

Now, i am not saying that Kadivar works for the same firm in New York as Fred does. But if one looks at the traffic he creates on, it is clear that he spends a significant amount of time here. Either he is unemployed or he does get some indirect compensation for his involvement in the neo-con machinery. 

I am not very familiar with the community of Iranian-Americans, but I know that these techniques are extremely effective in the Arab community due to their propensity to believe in conspiracy theories. 

Iranian-Americans would be wise to keep their eyes open to ensure they aren’t fooled by the the neo-con propagandists on

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