I was wrong and apologize

I was wrong and being a fair-minded person I apologize.

Some time back I wrote a blog about brain drain from Iran and that it is the highest in the world. It now turns out that I was totally wrong.

I have Mr. Hassan Ghashghavi to thank for setting me straight. Yes he is the same Deputy Foreign Minister of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic who does official welcoming of convicted Islamist assassins like the one who murdered Bakhtiar or 009 agents like Amiri.

Mr. Deputy Foreign Minister has just said the following about brain drain controversy:

“The inhabitants of any country with geographical land and sea location like Iran have the natural inclination to migrate. This in fact is a measure of the greatness of a country.”


“The reality is the number of brains entering Iran is more than those exiting.”

Mr. Deputy Foreign Minister finished up by this most indisputable supporting evidence that brains are pouring in and not out:

“If you take a look at flights to Iran, you will see they’re all booked and there is not an empty seat to be had.”  


I stand corrected and admit Islamist Rapist Republic is a magnet for the best brains and whoever says to the contrary must not know about the packed inbound, and stands to reason, all the empty outbound flights.      




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